LSA Global Designs Updated Brand Promise for Services Firm

LSA Global Designs Updated Brand Promise for Services Firm
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, helped a high growth services firm create an updated brand promise by aligning the company mission, corporate vision, and Ethos (cultural beliefs) to inform everything they do as an organization — internally and externally.

This services client wanted to create senior team alignment to meet 20% year-over-year revenue growth targets. They faced a few complications related to:

The two main deliverables in the first phase of work were:

Updated Mission and Vision Statements
For this engagement, the mission and vision articulated why they exist [mission] as an organization and what they hope to achieve [vision]. For this client, they were purposely meant to be audacious to help drive innovation and change. While mission should endure over time, the vision was meant to define the impact they’re trying to achieve over the next phase of our journey (typically 5-10 years).  This formed the foundation of their updated brand promise.

Newly Codified Cultural Beliefs
For this client, the Cultural Beliefs represented the fundamental beliefs on which the company make decisions and holds themselves accountable every day. The cultural beliefs are the foundation for establishing and growing the company’s unique value in the marketplace. They are the ethos (fundamental characteristics) of what the firm wants to be know for.  Here’s an edited example of one of the cultural beliefs:

  • Teaming Matters
    We deliver impact by putting our collective genius to work for clients, leaders, and partners. We give our customers peace of mind knowing that we are deeply invested in their success and that their success never rests in the hands of one person. To thrive as a team, we must value each other’s strengths, be invested in everyone’s success, and treat each other with compassion. Our people make us amazing; without them, we would be irrelevant.

    Why is this cultural belief important to us?
    Teaming matters because when we feel valued and appreciated, we are able to work together to create the best possible results. This creates a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to the firm and our customers.

    What great looks like:
    We’ll know we’re successful when we all:

    — Feel trust and inspiration
    — Hear acknowledgment and respect
    —  See inclusion and loyalty

    What we will do more of:
    — Investing in development of our staff
    — Understanding skillsets and background
    — Providing people what they need to be successful
    — Talking and connecting as a system
    — Increasing inclusivity of whole team
    — Showing gratitude more frequently
    — Trusting employees capabilities
    — Clarifying goals and accountabilities, roles, and interdependencies

The next steps are to create:

  1. Brand Strategy & Key Messaging
    Developing a brand strategy and key messaging that connects different audiences to the brand in a way that supports the brand strategy, mission, vision, and ethos.

  2. Visual Identity
    Developing the core visual identity with a focus on logos, colors, and typography.

  3. Key Brand Assets
    Design and develop the other key brand assets used in daily work such as presentation templates, photography library, and a set of icons.

  4. Key Touchpoints
    Design mockups/high fidelity prototypes of the key touchpoints to reflect the brand for the website, key marketing materials, and customer facing moments of truth.


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