Individual Referral Selling Masters Program

Date(s) - 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2025
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Individual Referral Selling Masters Program Shaking Hands with new client as new client revenue growsThe Problem
Do you feel the constant tug of war between getting new clients, managing existing accounts, and getting day-to-day work done?  Do you need to get more new client revenue faster?  If yes, then the proven 12-Step Individual Referral Selling Masters Program is for you.

The Results
Why?  Because referral selling is the most proven way to skyrocket your sales and boost both top- and bottom-line performance. Salespeople who get client referrals:

  • Bypass the gatekeeper
  • Get meetings with the right level of decision-makers
  • Decrease prospecting time by at least 30 percent
  • Dramatically reduce your cost of sales
  • Ace out the competition
  • Earn up to 5 times more than their peers
  • Convert prospects into clients at least 50 percent of the time
  • Work with clients who fit

Clients tell us that when they commit to referral selling strategies and build the necessary referral selling skill sets, their results are immediate and remarkable. They finally have a clear path and a referral plan to grow the business with aligned metrics and practical action steps.

Now it’s your turn.

How Does the Individual Referral Selling Masters Program Work?
Referral selling means transforming your prospecting approach.

The Individual Referral Selling Masters Program combines our Referral Selling Training Course on LinkedIn Learning with private coaching to refine your referral skills. You receive six, 45-minute one-on-one coaching calls interspersed with your completion of specific segments on LinkedIn Learning. The course is approximately 54 minutes of three-to-five-minute videos, which are all transcribed. There are exercise files (worksheets) for you to apply the learning to your business in preparation for our coaching calls.

Participants find coaching sessions bring the program to life and address the unique sales challenges they face in their day-to-day activities.

Proven 12-Step Individual Referral Selling Masters Program

  1. Review and Sign a Consulting and Confidentiality Agreement
    All conversations are private and will keep you on track towards your specific goals. You agree to show up for our calls on time, complete your assignments, and arrive prepared.
  2. Complete Sales Referral Health Check & Prepare for First Coaching Call
    – Complete 2-4 minute referral selling best practices assessment to see where you stand
  3. Schedule Coaching Call #1
    – Review referral selling health check results and discuss 11 week learning journey
    – Discuss current sales and marketing goals, metrics, strategies, processes, and plans
    – Receive detailed notes with your customized recommendations and action steps
  4. Complete Content on LinkedIn Learning
    – Introduction
    – The Business Case for Referrals
    – Why referrals work
    – What gets in the way?
    – What it takes to get results
    – Chapter Quiz
  5. Coaching Call #2
  6. Complete Content on LinkedIn Learning
    – Creating Business Impact
    – Why clients don’t care about you
    – Craft your business impact story
    – Set goals and measure success
    – Chapter Quiz
  7. Coaching Call #3
  8. Complete Content on LinkedIn Learning
    – Redefining Your Targets
    – Ask for the client you want
    – Prioritize your referral sources
    – Chapter Quiz
  9. Coaching Call #4
  10. Complete Content on LinkedIn Learning
    – Asking for Referrals
    – How to Ask for a referral
    – Wrong way to ask for a referral
    – Right way to ask for a referral
    – Use social media for referrals
    – Chapter Quiz
  11. Coaching Call #5
    – Build your script to ask for referrals
    – Practice asking for referrals with two people in-person and receive feedback
  12. Coaching Call #6
    – Gather results
    – Refine your sales referral script
    – Outline referral action steps going forward

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