3 Good Strategies to Create High Performance Customer Service

3 Good Strategies to Create High Performance Customer Service
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Strategies to Create High Performance Customer Service
Experts who understand high performance customer service strategies know one of the best ways to frustrate customers and demotivate customer service reps is to box them in with so many restrictions that they have no leeway or ownership of how to best serve their customers when it matters most – in the moment.

Customer Service Scripts
Scripts can be a useful crutch at times but they should not get in the way of satisfying the customer with authentic, innovative and helpful solutions. There is nothing worse from a customer perspective to hear “that is all I am allowed to do to help you.”

3 High Performance Customer Service Strategies that Work
Take a close look at your customer service strategy and consider these three ways to charge up your customer reps and, in so doing, improve customer service and loyalty:

  1. Relieve Your Supervisors of Tedious Administrative Chores
    Give them the time and opportunity to coach their team, especially new hires, on how to handle customers most effectively.
  2. Clarify Boundaries
    Make sure your reps know which service rules they have to follow and which they can bend when the situation warrants. The more they feel in charge of the service they deliver, the more motivated they will be to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    We like the three-tiered framework of Mandated rules that must be followed based upon your service strategy, Guidelines that are suggested for various situations, and Areas of full autonomy.

  3. Consistently Listen to Your Customers and Improve
    Gather feedback from customer interactions and then share insights with the team. This is the path to continuous learning and improvement.

The Bottom Line
Good strategies to create high performance customer service reduce administrative tasks, set clear expectations, and use consistent customer feedback to learn and improve.

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