Going Beyond Employee Engagement — 3 Benefits

Going Beyond Employee Engagement — 3 Benefits
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Employee Passion
If you are the kind of smart and savvy leader who has been convinced that employee engagement matters in terms of productivity, work quality, loyalty, discretionary effort, and the ability to collaborate, why not go one step further — go beyond employee engagement and to employee passion.

Employee Engagement is a Must-Have
We know from our organizational culture assessment data that employee engagement is not just a nice-to-have, it is absolutely necessary to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Without high levels of employee engagement, morale sinks, employees no longer care about the quality of their work and they put in only the minimum effort.

On the other hand, if you can harness employee passion, the needle moves significantly upward. For your organization to really thrive, you not only want customers who are passionately loyal to your company and brand, you want employees who reinforce that passion and loyalty through increased levels of advocacy, discretionary effort, and intent to stay.

Three Benefits of Going Beyond Employee Engagement
Here are the tangible benefits of going beyond employee engagement that occur when employees passionately believe in what you do as a company and honestly look forward to coming to work:

  1. It Is Easier to Attract and Retain Top Talent
    Think about it. If you have employees who really love their job, they will attract others who want to work with you. Your positive corporate culture is a magnet for employees who sincerely want to contribute to your company’s success. Engaged and aligned employees will believe in your purpose and commit wholeheartedly to helping you achieve the strategic vision and company mission.

    The passion becomes a strategic advantage in recruiting the best of the best and supports an environment where employees are deeply committed to their job.

  2. The Good Word Spreads
    Word-of-mouth endorsements bring employees, customers, and partners to your door. Social media comments have a powerful influence on new customers and employees who are in research mode. They pay attention to how people talk about your company, and they are persuaded by comments from delighted customers.

    In the same way, passionate employees become your brand ambassadors. Customers listen to workers who excitedly talk about how much they love what they do.

  3. Passionate Employees Will Not Be Tempted to Leave
    Your powerful corporate culture becomes your #1 employee retention tool. If your employees are happy where they are, they are not as open to other offers — even at larger salaries. A happy workforce is your security against a talent drain.

The Bottom Line
It’s not easy to create this kind of employee passion and enthusiasm. But it should be your goal. Simple employee engagement is not enough. Passionate and aligned engagement is what you should strive for.

To learn more about how to go beyond employee engagement, download this research-backed Employee Engagement and Retention Toolkit

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