Leverage Influencers to Act Upon Employee Engagement Results

Leverage Influencers to Act Upon Employee Engagement Results
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The Results
The employee engagement results are in. What you do about them matters.  Employees who see action after a survey are 12 times more likely to be engaged the following year compared to those that do not see follow-up. You need to act upon employee engagement results.

Most surveys identify changes that are needed, but you know how hard behavioral change can be. You need allies who can work with employees to help them understand:

  • What needs to change and why
  • How the changes will affect them overall and in their daily routines
  • What the desired goal will look like and how they will benefit

Who are these allies with a kind of magic wand that can rally the troops? They are your carefully chosen influencers and change catalysts.

Find Change Influencers
Effective influencers cannot be identified solely by rank. Yes, the support of the CEO and executive team is absolutely essential to successful change. But you also need to find employees who can speak to co-workers on the same level. You need a way to actively involve key stakeholders who understand and believe in the changes identified  by the engagement survey. And whenever possible you want influencers distributed throughout the organization so all impacted groups are represented.

If you do not have the tools or budget to do a formal organizational network analysis, ask around for individuals who are well respected and natural leaders, the ones who may not be in positions of power but, nonetheless, have loyal followers. Check in with managers who know their team members well to suggest workers who will care about and significantly contribute to engagement improvements.

Assemble a Team
Pull together all the identified influencers and share the survey results with them. Let them know that you and the executive team are committed to taking meaningful actions that will result in increased employee engagement. Acknowledging that you value their buy-in and support, solicit their input and active participation in developing a change solution.

Craft a Plan
With your influence team’s shared vision for change, ask for their ideas on how best to achieve it. Lean on their insights into the organization. What do they recommend for action steps within their job and team settings? You need to develop a common overall strategy.

The Message
Consistency and frequency are key to delivering a compelling message for change. Do your influencers feel they are the best ones to deliver the message, or will they be more effective behind the scenes as advocates for change? How can you all work together with leaders and managers to truly make change happen?

The Bottom Line
Change is most effectively achieved when it is addressed from both ends of the workplace. It may be the executives who drive change, but it is the employees who implement it. Using carefully selected influencers can bridge the hierarchical gap. Who wields the real influence in your organization?

To learn more about leverage influencers to act upon employee engagement results, download Tips to Increase Employee Engagement through Communication

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