What It Takes to Get PMP Certified

What It Takes to Get PMP Certified
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What It Takes to Get PMP Certified
After many of our project post mortem sessions, project managers and project leaders ask us what it takes to get PMP certified?  It is a good question.  Getting PMP Certified is not easy, and PMP certification is definitely not for everyone or for every company.

Do You Need PMP Certification for Your Career or Your Business?
While PMP certification does not ensure that you will become a good project manager (especially for the leadership and people part of managing project teams), many companies looking to hire experienced project managers will hire only those with PMP certifications.

What It Takes to Pass the PMP Exam
If project management is the career you have chosen, what does it take to apply for and pass the PMP exam?

  1. You Need Project Management Experience
    For those with a four-year bachelor degree, you need 36 months of project management experience and 4,500 hours of documented time leading and directing projects.

    For those with a secondary degree (e.g. high school equivalent), you need 60 months of project management experience and 7,500 hours of  documented time leading and directing projects.

  2. You Need Project Management Training
    Regardless of your education level and documented time leading and directing projects, you need 35 hours of formal project management training and education.
  3. You Need to Invest
    It costs about $500 to apply to take the PMP exam at a testing center.  PMP prep courses typically cost between $1,500 and $5,000 depending upon the format.
  4. You Need to Study
    You need to learn the PMI processes as described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

The Bottom Line
If you qualify based upon the above four criteria, you can apply to obtain the most globally-recognized and often industry-demanded certification for project managers. It will prove to current and future employers that you have the education, experience, and potentially the ability to manage and lead complex projects.

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