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Date(s) - 12/31/2020 - 12/31/2025
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Prepare for an Important Sales Negotiation buyer and seller negotiatingOnline Sales Negotiations Training for B2B Sellers

Our Online Sales Negotiations training is designed to have immediate impact on strategic business-to-business negotiations that you are facing today. The good news is that 97% of negotiating tactics can be anticipated and prepared for.  The bad news is that most sales leaders and sales reps are woefully over-matched by savvy buyers during the sales negotiations process.

Our research-backed approach to effective sales negotiations is radically different. Based upon 20+ years of sales negotiation research and consulting on over 20,000 negotiations in 47 countries, our sales negotiations approach focuses on two powerful and universally applicable techniques for preparing and presenting value-creating offers during critical negotiations.

The proven Online Negotiation training includes the following six modules.  To incorporate live practice, you will be invited at several sections to apply the concepts to an upcoming sales negotiation.

  1. Blueprinting Your B2B Negotiations
    Introduction to a new approach to negotiation called Negotiation Blueprinting

    • A New Approach to Negotiating
    • More About Negotiation Tactics
    • Introducing the Value Blueprint
    • Information is Key to the Value Blueprint
    • The Role of Professional Buyers
  2. Combating Commoditization
    Competitive analysis and how to best handle commoditization attempts

    • Introducing Consequences to No agreement Analysis (CNA)
    • Using the CNA Worksheet to Identify Value
    • CNA Analysis and Commoditization Pressure
    • Recognizing CommoditiesUnderstanding Commoditization Pressure
    • Executive Insights: CNA Analysis
    • Practice Exercise
  3. Avoiding Concessions
    How to avoid concession and buyer give-away pressure

    • Introducing Trades
    • The Three Levels of Trades
    • Conducting a Trade Analysis
    • Applying Trade Analysis
    • Addressing Customer Tactics with Trades
    • Executive Insights: Trade Analysis
    • Practice Exercise
  4. Handling Price Pressure
    How to “change the negotiation conversation” from price to value

    • The Validation Meeting: Introduction
    • Setting up the Validation Meeting
    • Asking Questions to Validate CNA and Trade Analyses
    • Sharing Information with the Other Side
    • Avoid Selling & Negotiating During the Validation Meeting
    • Evaluating Success
    • Executive Insights: Validation & Signaling
    • Practice Exercise
  5. Creating Business Value
    Preparing and presenting offers that create business value

    • Introducing Multiple Solution Options (MSOs)
    • How to Create MSOs
    • Using Trade Analysis to Create MSOs
    • Using CNA Analysis to Create MSOs
    • How to Title MSOs
    • Presenting MSOs
    • A Sample Deal
    • Executive Insights: MSOs
    • Practice Exercise
  6. Applying B2B Sales Negotiation Best Practices
    How to put it all into practice

    • Are You a World-Class Negotiator?
    • Practice is a Critical Part
    • Make Blueprinting a Habits negotiation

This online course includes:

  • 3 hours of research-backed B2B sales negotiations content
  • Printer friendly summaries of each module
  • Online quizzes to test negotiation knowledge
  • Published B2B sales negotiations articles
  • Downloadable B2B negotiation templates to plan for your next strategic sales negotiation

Are you ready to prepare for the two most common negotiation tactics that B2B buyers use to get the upper hand?

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