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Date(s) - 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2025
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Successful selling starts with a mindset. The “why” behind selling determines customer receptivity and ultimately your team’s level of engagement. We believe successful selling of solutions begins with a decision to be Other-Centered. Sellers who place the highest priority on leading the customer to the optimum solution for their businesses are more proactive, more strategic, and more successful.

On-Demand Other-Centered Selling Modules

  • Module 1  Engage – Equips sales reps with the skills they need to effectively secure permission from decision makers for a Discovery conversation
  • Module 2  Discover – More than simply teaching reps to ask questions, this module equips reps with the array of skills they need to actually uncover the customer’s stated and unstated needs.
  • Module 3  Build Value – Instead of becoming practiced in a generic sales pitch, participants learn to communicate the aspects of their solution that would prove most helpful (and therefore most relevant) to the customer.
  • Module 4  Advance – Gaining commitment to a next step is not a matter of tricking customers into doing something they don’t want to do. Other Centered Selling helps reps identify where the customer is in the decision making process and propose next steps that make sense to the customer because they are in the customer’s best interest.

The Online Other-Centered Selling Training includes scenario-based learning, videos, and quizzes to test comprehension and are typically used as prework and reinforcement. for our full business sales training and coaching sessions.

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