Transfer of Skills and Knowledge – Connecting the Disconnects

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Best Practices Whitepaper Download

Transfer of Skills and Knowledge – Connecting the Disconnects Whitepaper Download

Why would an organization want to invest in anything without clearly understanding how improvements will impact their business? There are clearly some disconnects between learning and results.

While many companies philosophically believe in “investing in people” through skill building, most are content with allowing the results to “take care of themselves.” The probability of this approach having a tangible business impact is slim. We believe that every learning investment must be managed appropriately if you expect a benefit. Without managing the learning process to ensure that training translates into performance and results, there may be little or no benefit for the individual, their boss, their team or the company.

For organizations and employees to realize the full value of training, they must connect two common “disconnects” related to the transfer of skills and knowledge that occur between learning and business results.  Register to download the best practices Whitepaper Transfer of Skills and Knowledge – Connecting the Disconnects to learn:

  • Why training initiatives typically fail
  • How to ensure value and a return on your training investment
  • How to ensure the transfer of training

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