9 Traits to Avoid When Hiring Sales Reps

The Traits to Avoid When Hiring Sales Reps to Drive Sales Performance

9 Traits to Avoid When Hiring Sales Reps Whitepaper Download

Want High-Performing Sales Reps?  Avoid 9 Types of Sales Reluctance.  More companies are trying to become more proficient at attracting and hiring better sales reps.  Sales hiring assessments offer an objective way to learn about a sales rep that are often not forthcoming in an interview. It’s important for salespeople and hiring managers to know that you can identify potential problems before hiring someone to join your sales team.

And, done right, sales hiring assessments work. For example, the use of a sales assessment enabled one outbound telesales office for a national firm to outsell its competitors by over 50%, with 30% fewer sales people.  Another advantage of using a proven sales assessment in the hiring process is that it can be used as a guide for coaching and developing the performance of newly hired salespeople. Each new salesperson can be shown their results once hired, and the manager can create an individual development plan for action in specific areas where they can improve sales performance.

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