How to Gracefully Overcome the Top Project Management Challenges

Overcome the Top 4 Project Management Challenges

How to Gracefully Overcome the Top Project Management Challenges Whitepaper Download

Failed execution is a plague upon many project teams.  A recent project management challenges survey found 1 of 3 decisions are not communicated effectively, 65% of employees are not held accountable and 68% of managers agree firefighting inhibits focus on longer term priorities.  Based upon that data it is no surprise that poor project execution causes more failures than poor project strategies. To many project management experts, execution is the key to success.

Based upon our experience, execution flaws that plague most projects include Decision latency (slow response); Lack of feedback (assumptions); Unknown inter-dependencies (surprises); and Failure to deliver results (promises made, but not kept).  In an on-going survey of the challenges confronted by project teams in Silicon Valley, the top four have not changed in over 15 years.

Read How to Gracefully Overcome the Top Project Management Challenges to learn the top 4 project management challenges confronted by project teams and what project leaders can do to overcome them and deliver predictable results

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