The Importance of Attitude in Sales Conviction – Do You Have It?

The Importance of Attitude in Sales - Why Conviction Matters

The Importance of Attitude in Sales Conviction – Do You Have It?

I’ll never forget the question posed by a veteran Vice President of Sales.  We had just designed a comprehensive sales assessment to pinpoint skill gaps in his sales team. I thought we had covered all the bases – prospecting, calling high, qualifying, financial acumen, presenting, negotiating, etc.  Then he said, “Guys, I think we’re missing something here. What about the fire in the belly?”

Umm… Fire in belly? Seriously?  He explained that some of his best sales people lacked polish and sophistication, but they believed so fervently in the value of their solutions that clients responded. He was not talking about “selling ice to the Eskimos,” but rather moving people to trust you in the face of uncertainty.

As it turns out, that battle-tested VP was really onto something. Conviction matters. The importance of attitude in sales can be measured. Below is a quick case study that shows the surprising relationship between conviction and results. It led us to ask: If you’re having trouble influencing others – what’s your level of conviction these days?

So we asked ourselves – Is there a relationship between conviction and results? The Answer…Yes. Surprisingly, the differences in performance associated with conviction are often as large, and in some cases larger, than differences due to skills alone.

Download The Importance of Attitude in Sales Conviction – Do You Have It? to learn the impact of and how to measure “sales attitude” and sales conviction. If you are not building, reinforcing and measuring sales conviction, our research shows that you may be missing a key link to sales success.

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