The 4 Big Steps to Optimize Sales Territories

Need to Redesign Your Sales Territories?

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Sales territory design is not easy. The goal is to increase cost efficiencies, balance potential, increase sales productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. To succeed, treat sales territory design as a change initiative, not a top-down mandate.  At some point, almost every sales rep complains that their sales territory is too small, maxed out, or unfair.  The way in which accounts and territories are assigned to salespeople has a direct impact on sales performance, customer satisfaction, and sales rep. engagement.

In fact, recent research from Harvard Business Review showed that sales territory misalignments can decrease sales by up to 7%.  So, sales territory optimization matters.

To effectively redesign sales territories, both in terms of customer spend and sales force potential, sales leaders should periodically review and redesign sales territories. Based upon our experience, here are the four basic steps to design sales territories in a way that works.

The 4 Big Steps to Optimize Sales Territories helps to ensure that you optimize sales territories to meet your sales targets.  To download The 4 Big Steps to Optimize Sales Territories, please complete the form.

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