The 3 Steps to Ensure that Sales Negotiation Training Sticks

Sales Negotiation Training Adoption & Impact

The 3 Steps to Ensure that Sales Negotiation Training Sticks Whitepaper Download.

This proven approach to driving sales negotiation training adoption and ROI is based on primary research.  We surveyed 20,000 executives, human resources managers, and performance improvement consultants to determine if they had been involved with a training initiative that went beyond a one-time training event and was successful in becoming deeply “embedded into the DNA of the organization.”

We found 150 companies that had done so and studied them further with surveys and focus groups.

We identified many factors that contributed to adoption but, the three drivers consistently rose to the top: (1) Aligning the Sales Negotiation Training initiative to directly enable the higher level go-to-market strategy;  (2) Securing cross-functional executive sponsorship for the Sales Negotiation Training initiative; and (3) Enabling sales negotiation coaches who measure and are measured in relation to the desired new sales behaviors and actions

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