The 3 Surprising Ingredients for Talent Management Success

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The goal of talent management is to create and sustain organizational excellence through people — specifically by attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining the top talent that makes sense for your business strategy and unique organizational culture. Done right, effective talent management can differentiate your company from the competition in both good and bad times. Done poorly, inconsistent and unaligned talent management methodologies can grind your company to a halt.

Many human resource leaders are adept at the individual steps required to attract, develop, engage, and retain talent. In our experience, however, few organizations have an integrated talent management strategy that is aligned with their business priorities and corporate culture. If you are looking for a sustainable and high performing talent management strategy to help grow your business and your people, there are three critical factors that need to be in place. And all three need to be inextricably connected and aligned.

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