How to Mobilize, Design and Transform Your Change Initiative

Change Management Best Practices
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Download the change management best practices whitepaper: Rhapsody in Change: How to Mobilize, Design, and Transform Your Change Initiative.

Leadership meets one of its greatest challenges when it must face up to the need for a deep, major, and rapid shifts and changes in the whole fabric of the organization that doesn’t seem to welcome it. We were called in by one of the largest consulting firms to help them manage the dynamics of their major change projects—change projects, they admitted (as have many others), that were failing at a rate of about three out of four.

Organizational change is an exchange that evolves as it is designed; it is not controlled by a few or from the top. This change management whitepaper outlines:

  • Why ~75% of organizational change management projects fail
  • The primary organizational movements (Mobilize, Design, and Transform) involved in change management
  • A unique approach to creating a climate for organizational change to have a better chance to succeed

To download this change management best practices whitepaper: Rhapsody in Change: How to Mobilize, Design and Transform Your Change Initiative, please complete the form.

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