A Purposeful and Aligned Organizational Culture – Your DNA for Success

Culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing organizations

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As one of the greatest impediments to successfully executing a strategic plan, an organization’s culture is at the heart of high performance. If strategy and culture are not aligned, success, even with top talent, is elusive at best.  Successful organizations have “cracked the code” and have created a purposeful and aligned organizational culture.

They have taken culture out of the shadows, crystallized their beliefs and created mind share in how to think about getting things done…not just what needs to get done.

Unfortunately, when most organizations attempt to change culture, they often mistakenly focus their efforts solely on Organizational Health – the combination of espoused values, policies and levels of engagement. But culture, and the journey of transforming it to improve people and business results, cannot be changed by Organizational Health alone.

For culture to make a difference to the people and to the business, culture must be purposefully crafted and nurtured to align and support your unique organizational goals and priorities. We call this a Purposeful and Aligned Organizational Culture. While efforts to clarify and improve Organizational Health are necessary and helpful, we have found Organizational Health alone is not enough to create differentiated people or business results.

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