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Project Kickoff and Execution Best Practices Articles Library.

With more internal and external tasks being accomplished by shared and virtual projects teams, the need for effective project leaders and consistent project team members who can effectively define, plan, execute and control projects of various complexities has increased significantly.  While up to 75% of projects of all shapes and sizes fail to meet internal and external stakeholder expectations, we believe that successful projects are possible on a consistent basis.  To achieve better and faster results on your critical projects, start off on the right foot by kicking off and managing the project following project kickoff and execution training best practices.

And effective project kickoff involves deploying a proven and aligned project launch process that clearly defines the project’s goals, constraints, and key internal and external stakeholders while building accurate project schedules, project estimates, project risk plans, and the key project leadership and project team ingredients for project success.  The more complex, visible and important the project, the more you should invest in the early project and project team definition and planning phases.

Proper project execution means clear project definition and sponsorship, sound project planning with key stakeholders , and proven project leadership, teamwork, and communication practices to manage expectations and resources regarding project cost, time, and quality parameters.  To improve project management skills, focus on both the art of project management and the science of project management to ensure that your project teams meet or exceed expectations.

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