Performance Management Best Practices – 5 Factors for Success

Performance Management Best Practices

Performance Management Best Practices – 5 Factors for Success Whitepaper Download

If you want better performance from your employees, the performance management best practices outlined in this article statements may surprise you.  Many performance management best practices are adopted wholesale and put into practice. But, as we saw in a recent coaching results survey, the visible practice is not the only factor contributing to a successful result.  In addition, when people learn new skills they are often uncomfortable and their ability to perform a new skill is low.  By measuring the application of the skill you’ll be able to know whether the practice is producing the desired result.  If it is not, you need to understand why, make adjustments, and support employees through the difficult period of new skill application.

Many leaders are also rightly concerned that Performance Management is just too complex.  The ideal performance management system must be intuitive to understand, require little training to use, and provide useful results for employees and managers. With Performance Management there is often the urge to implement a software solution as a starting point. While an automated system can create leverage once sound performance management best practices are in place, it can be detrimental.

Read Performance Management Best Practices: Five Factors for Success to learn about unconventional strategies to solve the age old problem of the cumbersome, ineffective and often ridiculed performance management process.

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