Instructional Design Best Practices Research Library

Instructional Design Best Practices Tips, Tools and Research

Select from our Instructional Design Best Practices Research Library to get insights and gain perspectives on instructional design best practices to assess, design, facilitate and measure learning solutions that work for your unique business and people strategies.

Instructional design includes the learning process, the learning sequence, the learning-related resources and the learning an don-the-job environment used to achieve specific learning , behavior and performance objectives.  Instructional designers improve learning, skills and knowledge by identifying and prioritizing learning needs and developing targeted learning experiences using various learning modalities to help people be able to “do what they cannot do now” and “know what they do not know now.”.

The instructional design best practices research library includes published articles about new instructional design methods, proven training roll-out strategies, secrets of successful facilitators, approaches to consider when developing a training function from scratch, the most common training strategies and common mistakes to avoid for each, action learning instructional design principles, how to do instructional design faster, better and cheaper, how to use training assessment and measurement to improve performance, how to use instructional design to improve the transfer-of-training, training function warning signs and the top ten shifts in learning and development.

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