Top 5 High Performance Culture Warning Signs

Do Not Ignore These High Performance Culture Warning Signs

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84%. That is the percent of people from our recent Q2 poll that DO NOT know what specific actions would have the biggest impact on the organizational performance of their company.  If you have direct reports, you should sit up and take notice. Think about it. What percent of your success is dependent upon the success of others? If you are like most savvy leaders today, you will know that the majority of your success is dependent upon the success of people you work with.

So, if your success as a leader is so highly tied to the success of others, why are you not putting more emphasis on making sure that you are creating a high performance culture for them to perform at their peak?  Why do some teams succeed while others fail?

One reason is clear. With so many possible leadership actions available to significantly change performance (e.g., new strategies, structures, processes, systems, rewards, consequences, etc.) many people leaders just don’t know where to start.  Fortunately, our organizational alignment research has identified some key trends.

Like Lee Ross and Malcolm Gladwell, we believe external circumstances and social situations (your workplace culture) greatly influence behavior. In “The Tipping Point,” Gladwell’s best-selling book, he used this line of thinking as the foundation for his argument about the success of the “broken windows” theory of policing. That theory holds that serious crimes may be deterred by making relatively minor changes to the surrounding environment, like cracking down on graffiti.

Are you paying attention to the warning signs and able to identify the environmental circumstances to help your people to perform at their peak?

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