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Two cases in the past month remind us that workplace discrimination and retaliation are relatively easy for employees to prove when managers don’t document correctly.  In one case, a long-term employee claimed he was discharged because he married a woman of another race. In the other case, a long-term employee sued because he was fired after his fiancée filed an EEOC claim against the company. In both cases, the U.S. Courts of Appeals held the employees had the right to sue for discrimination or retaliation.

In other words, the companies lost (the first round, anyway). But neither company would have lost if it had documentation proving the bad performance of the employees. Now, maybe both of these companies were guilty. But if you take management actions that adversely impact employees, and can’t prove your legitimate business reasons for them, you, too, could be sued and lose. What steps can you take now to prevent costly lawsuits?

Download the Corporate Compliance Legal To Do List  Best Practices Whitepaper: Your Legal To-Do List to help your managers and supervisors avoid costly employee lawsuits.  We will never sell, loan, or give your email or other personal information to anyone.

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