Benefits of Outsourcing Training – Build vs. Buy

Training Outsourcing Best Practices

Benefits of Outsourcing Training – Build vs. Buy Whitepaper Download

While much has been written regarding the build vs. buy decision for technology solutions, there is little literature regarding learning solutions or the training function as a whole.  If you are like most of our clients, you are trying to “do more with less” while aggressively driving revenue in these cautious and uncertain times. In our opinion, the more uncertainty you face, the more viable Training Outsourcing becomes as an alternative to hiring and as an option to completing key projects faster and more effectively. Think about using “other people’s resources.” Done right, it should save you time. Done right, it should save you money. And done right, it should allow you to accomplish key objectives while allowing your internal resources to focus on what they do best.  

Read Benefits of Outsourcing Training – Build vs. Buy to find out:

  • The key questions to consider before outsourcing training
  • Cost, quality, and time areas to analyze regarding training outsourcing
  • Top 10 reasons companies outsource training
  • Top 10 factors for successful training outsourcing

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