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Sales Negotiation Best Practices Whitepaper Download.  According to a recent study at The Wharton School, the prospect of sales negotiation often causes anxiety that puts salespeople at a disadvantage. The research found that anxious sales negotiators made initial offers that were 7.5% lower on average than those from non-anxious salespeople.  Surprisingly, when push comes to shove, sales negotiations boil down to two main tactics.

We have been on a relentless pursuit to determine if negotiation tactics followed any kind of predictable pattern or if sales negotiation is truly as random and unpredictable as most companies think. Our sales negotiations research took over 3 years in 19 countries, involved Fortune 500 firms from a wide range of industries and ended with a collection of the “most difficult” and “most common” verbal negotiation tactics.

The results astounded us. While sales negotiations often feel unpredictable and challenging, 97% of the verbal tactics used globally followed a very predictable pattern that could be reduced to just two main propositions. We think this means a total redefinition and simplification of B2B sales negotiation. It changes how sales negotiation training should be taught; it changes how you and your team should prepare for a sales negotiation; it changes how you should capture data in your organization; and it changes the results you can expect from a sales negotiation.

If we can successfully anticipate 97% of what’s coming our way, we can better prepare for and change the nature of the sales negotiation with our customers.

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