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11 Ways to Design Your Presentation Slides for Maximum Impact
Visuals can help. They can also detract from you and from your message if your visual support is not thoughtfully created and skillfully used. Design your slides for the maximum impact.

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Cascading Your Corporate Strategy
It is one thing to draft a compelling strategic plan with your executive team. It is an entirely different and more challenging matter to execute that strategy effectively and consistently through the organization.

3 Critical Red Flags to Watch for at Your Strategic Accounts
What would happen if you lost one of your strategic accounts? A critical part of strategic account planning is recognizing just where there is risk of loss and acting quickly to save the situation.

3 Sales Trends Impacting Your Sales Strategy
The world of sales continues to change for most sales teams and sales leaders.  Are you paying attention to these three sales trends?

3 Smart Strategies to Scale and Upgrade Your Sales Team
Most of our clients are looking to grow their sales force to meet ever increasing revenue expectations.  But they face four complications that make it difficult to effectively scale and build a high performance sales team.

3 Tips to Create a Better Story
Who doesn’t love a story? Whether it’s ours or theirs, fiction or non-fiction? Who doesn’t want to be drawn in and captivated? Read about key tips to creating a compelling story.

3 Ways to Protect and Grow Major Sales Accounts
While it’s tempting to treat every sales account as a “major account” to drive profitable growth, we recommend being selective. Not all accounts have equal value and potential.

30 Effective Sales Questions More Important than Budget When Selling Solutions
Understanding what your client is willing to invest is valuable information. In our experience, however, budget should not be the most critical filter for pursuing an opportunity.

4 Key Elements to a Successful Team Sales Presentation
Some of the highest stakes sales opportunities call for a team selling approach. To succeed, you need knowledge and focus, practice, preparation and trust.

4 Keys to Present Like a Rock Star to Senior Executives
Senior Executives are one of the hardest-hitting crowds you will ever face as a presenter.

4 Science-Backed Steps to Better Sales Forecasting
Unless you are the minority, your sales forecast are woefully inaccurate.  Read about four steps to get a more REALISTIC sales forecast.

4 Smart Steps to Determine When to Hire or Fire Salespeople
One of the most difficult decisions a company has to make is figuring out the optimum size of its sales force. There are so many things to consider…not least of which is determining how soon the investment will pay off.

4 Steps to Identify and Target Your Best Clients to Accelerate Growth
Customers who “fit” better than others consistently produce higher revenue, profits, and satisfaction. This is the consequence of shorter sales cycles, less problems, more rewarding relationships, better results, and more referrals.

4 Tried-and-True Presentation Tips for Beginners
Want 4 easy tips to improve your public speaking and presentation skills? Then this is the whitepaper for you.

5 New Ways to Look at Acing Your Presentation
Your job may require many presentations per quarter…each on similar topics to similar audiences. How do you get better each time you present and, at the same time, keep fresh?

5 Sales Performance Coaching Best Practices
Our belief is that without coaching, reinforcement of any methodology becomes very difficult. In our experience, you must have proper training, an appropriate methodology, and follow-up coaching to be successful.

5 Warning Signs that Your Managers Are Falling Behind Strategically
Managers matter. Yet, too many high-growth companies mistakenly exclude their managers from the very strategic planning and implementation processes required for them to excel as managers.

6 Avoidable Ways New Reps Commit Sales Suicide
Volumes have been written about how to sell. Rather than approach the topic from what it takes to succeed, let’s take a look at how you can fail.

7 Easy Steps to Build Better Client Relationships
How to understand your client’s issues, speak their language, and build relationships to retain and grow your business.

7 Proven Tips on How Your Sales Team Can Truly Work as a Team
Would your complex sales be better accomplished by dedicated teams at various stages in the buying process?

7 Ways to Build Better Rapport During Q&A
Little says more about you to those with whom you interact with than how you answer their questions. Some people show annoyance when a question derails their monologue. Learn how to use questions to your advantage.

7 Ways to Stress Test Your Sales Strategy
Too many sales teams are moving too quickly to create and clearly articulate the basics of a solid sales strategy other than quarterly revenue targets.  Find out if your sales strategy is set up for success.

8 Smart Steps to Combat Long Sales Cycles
All of us want to shorten the cycle. Take a page from the consultative selling training “bible” on how to go faster from early discovery to final deal.

8 Virtual Presentation Content Best Practices for Creating Excellence
When high-stakes business presentations must be delivered online, inadequate content becomes evident almost immediately. How to create the right content.

Alignment: The Missing Leadership Ingredient Not to Miss
A great strategy can be rendered utterly useless by an ineffective culture and average talent. The proper alignment of strategy, culture and talent allows organizations to thrive and outperform their competition.

Are Your Sales Reps Too Eager to Please? 3 Problems + 5 Tips
How many times have you hired a likeable, friendly, and outgoing person and seen him fail miserably as a salesperson because he could not close? Find out about how to handle the “too eager to please” reps.

Authenticity and Presentation Style: Just Be Yourself
One client asked, “You are telling me to demonstrate more power and authority with greater volume AND you are telling me to be authentic. That feels like a contradiction to me. Can you help me with that?” Read more to find out how to do both.

Awaken Your Audience: How to Seize Attention in Public Speaking
We present to shift the audience’s perspective. We want to influence…We want to educate…We want to motivate. None of this can happen until you awaken your audience and get their attention.

Challenging Times Require Salespeople Who Can Challenge
Successful salespeople who challenge customers are taking actions similar to coaches who are successful.  Are your sales people adding value?

Changing Corporate Culture: 4 Do’s and 3 Don’ts
Leaders are beginning to better understand the importance of culture.  Changing an entrenched attitudes and beliefs however, is one of the toughest leadership tasks you will face.

Connect with Customers Better Through Questions
If we really connect with customers they want to see and hear from us again. Learn how to use questions to connect.

Diagnosing the Root Cause of Your Negotiating Problems: Changing the Conversation from Price to Value
In the negotiation field, acute, surface-level pain is often expressed as “our margins are down” or “our salespeople are giving in on price too quickly;” yet these are merely symptoms of a problem.

Do Managers Really Make a Difference?
How do we get managers and senior executives more involved in training and development initiatives?  With tightened budgets and increased pressure to perform, we are getting asked this question more than ever before.

Do You have a High Performance Culture to Drive Your Strategy?
It is your job as a leader to shape and align your culture to move your strategy forward.  Culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing organizations.

Don’t Be Fooled into Making Bad Moves Related to High Sales Force Turnover
Are you seeing too high a rate of turnover in your sales force? Experts have studied the problem and have come up with some very interesting numbers…based upon thousands of exit interviews and surveys.

Effective Communication Skills: What Works
Some people are just easier to get along with. Communication with them is effortless—they just “get it.” And, we also know there are some people who just don’t understand. At all. Ever.

Grow Your Sales Culture to Exponentially Grow Your Sales
Many sales leaders still mistakenly believe that organizational culture is “soft” stuff that does not impact the top line. Fortunately, the shaping and aligning of corporate culture has become a hot topic.

Harnessing the Power of the Voice in Public Speaking
Tremendous subtlety of meaning is conveyed by voice. Not just nuance and emotional context, but basic meaning of words.  Read more to take advantage of the power of your voice.

How to Bypass the Gatekeeper
Are you having trouble getting past the gatekeeper? You’re not alone. While “gatekeepers” can be helpful to the executives their tactics waste sales time for salespeople.

How to Deliver Engaging Virtual Presentations in 6 Easy Steps
Virtual presentation expectations are increasing.  These quality-focused strategies and tactics can help enormously.

How to Facilitate Really Great Panel Discussions
A well-facilitated panel discussion is usually the result of two factors: (1) a great deal of pre-event preparation coupled with (2) the facilitator’s skillful decisions and smooth steering during the discussion

How to Hire Top Sales Talent – 4 Tips Your Competition Does NOT Know
All sales teams have clear winners (high performers) and clear losers (low performers).  Finding and hiring those winners can make an immense difference in team performance.

How to Identify and Meet the “Right” People in Your Strategic Accounts
Who are the “right” people?  They are the ones who can break down or build up your opportunities. Identifying and meeting them is crucial to your success.

How to Onboard New Sales Reps and Keep Them – Best Practices and Warning Signs
Because it takes time and money to get new salespeople up-to-speed and because buyers want stability, most of our clients want their sales force to stay over the long term.

How to Optimize Your Sales Force in the Face of Increased Performance Pressure
For sales leaders willing to look beyond a weekly sales forecast, there are a few smart moves you can make to greatly improve sales performance.

How to Prepare to Win High-Stakes Presentations
Based upon decades of research, this white paper outlines 3 key activities and behaviors to follow before the presentation that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome.

How to Sell an Executive in Only 3 Minutes
3 minutes is all you have.  Our C-Level clients tell us that unless you can capture their attention in that short time, some other competitor or concern will quickly push you off his/her mental stage.

How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals
Relationships Still Rule. Ironically, whether your business is ultrahigh tech or low tech, the most important business decisions a customer makes are still based on personal relationships.

How to Tell a Compelling Story to Win High Stakes Presentations
The key guidelines to follow to create the content for a presentation that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome by using a compelling and client-focused story.

Moving Beyond Consultative Selling to Grow Faster
Why consultative selling skills and product knowledge are not always enough to beat your competition.

Productivity and the Ideal Client Profile
When we have an Ideal Client (IC), our sales time collapses, productivity soars, deals are larger, and these ICs are thrilled to refer us to other ICs—never to a P.I.T.A. (pain in the a**).

Recession Proof Selling: 8 Killer Sales Steps
How do you tackle economic uncertainty? Many people think that since there’s nothing they can do, they should do nothing. But “nothing” is futile thinking.

Referral Selling: Just Say No to Get to Yes
There has been a longstanding mantra in sales: The more “No’s” we get, the closer we are to a “Yes.” Well, not in our book. It’s old news, tired and worn out. It’s time to retire and bury this mantra.

Referral Selling: Your Untapped Referrals
Our research tells us that most savvy sales people are missing out on 20 new clients per year. Find out how to change that.

Research-Based Negotiation Myths & What They Mean for You and Your Business
This whitepaper starts by identifying and blowing away the two most common negotiation myths. It is based on over 3 years of research in 19 countries from a wide range of industries.

Sales Attitude – Is Conviction the Missing Ingredient
Are you building, reinforcing and measuring sales attitude? Our research shows that it may be the missing link to sales success.

Sales Performance Pressure: How Much Should a Sales Leader Push?
Sales leaders are expected to create the sales culture that produces the most from sales teams.  If they push too much or too little, revenue, margin, win-rate or deal-size targets are at risk.

Seven Barriers to Inside Sales Success – and How to Overcome Them
This research describes the seven key barriers to becoming a high performing inside sales organization and typical ways that well-meaning inside sales reps unsuccessfully encounter them.

Should You Facilitate Your Own Strategy Retreat? 3 Guidelines to Help You Decide
When conducting a strategy retreat, you have options.Here are three situations that call for an outside facilitator if you want to be successful.

Single Source Negotiations: How to Increase Your Power
Even the most astute supply managers can feel powerless, exploited, and set up for failure when faced with a single-source negotiation situation. Learn the key steps to increase your leverage.

Smart Sales Management Advice – When to Say Good-bye to Poor Performers
A salesperson is not performing up to expectations but has some “big deals” in the pipeline that sound pretty promising.  Is it better to hope they come through next quarter or to let them go now?

Solving the Mystery of Successful Strategy Execution: What to Do Once Your Strategy Retreat Is Over
Successful execution typically means making hundreds of decisions every day. The challenge is to be clear on how each choice drives the strategy forward.

Structuring a Presentation: Vanquishing the Chaos Monster
In the beginning… it all seems like chaos. Your thoughts, your mind, what you want to get across, what you want to tell your audience. To create an effective presentation, you must create order out of this chaos.

The 15 Warning Signs Your Sales Team is Headed in the Wrong Direction
The May 1, 2017 Selling Power Conference keynote address on sales strategy, culture and talent warning signs to avoid to grow 58% faster and be 72% more profitable.

The 2 Most Common Negotiation Tactics to Prepare For
Based on over 3 years of research in 19 countries from a wide range of industries, we uncovered the “most difficult” and “most common” verbal negotiation tactics. The results astounded us.

The 3 Keys to Long-Term Profitable Relationships
Long-term, sustainable and profitable relationships are what every sales rep desires, yet very few are ever able to achieve it.

The 3 Steps to Ensure that Negotiation Training Sticks
Learn a proven approach based upon research done with 20,000 executives, human resources managers, and performance improvement consultants.

The 3 Tips to Be a Smarter Negotiator
Negotiation misunderstandings can result in a less than optimum deal for both sides. Learn how to consider their objectives and use them to get results.

The 4 Big Signs that Your Sales Territories Need Redesigning
Launching a re-design of your sales territories is like opening Pandora’s Box…it may sound easy but it can have drastic and unforeseen consequences.

The 4 Most Important Attributes to Look for When Your Sales Reps are Missing Their Targets
Almost 80% of your reps may be under-performing. It is the sales leader’s job to hire, engage and retain high performers and weed out under-performers.

The 6 Top Reasons Sales Training Initiatives Fail
Most sales training initiatives fail to deliver. The critical question…why do most sales training programs fall short and what can we do about it?

The Keys to Creating a High Performance Sales Environment
Are you hitting your sales targets? Read about the 6 steps that a sales leader must take to build a high performance sales environment.

The Truth About Sales Coaching and the Biggest Mistakes
Most sales leaders tell us that they just don’t have time to coach. What if you could cut their coaching time in half and get better results?

Think Like Your Customers to Help them Buy
Help your salespeople stay focused on the customer’s reason for buying. It’s what drives every buying decision.

Top 3 Things You Should Know About How Your Salespeople Spend Their Time
If your salespeople are not spending their time productively, they will not optimize performance.  Do you know what occupies them during the work day?

Toss the Technology – Relationships Still Rule Selling
Ironically, whether a business is ultrahigh tech or low tech, the most important business decisions a customer makes are still based on personal relationships.

Unique Value Proposition – Are You Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition?
Your differentiation or unique value proposition is worth the time and effort to get right.

Use the News to Create Sales Opportunities Fast
These events have cascading effects throughout an organization, causing many decisions to be revisited, new priorities to emerge, and new needs to come to the forefront.

Virtual Presentation Blueprint: 10 Tips for Success
A virtual presentation 10-point checklist for successfully designing and delivering important internal and external presentations virtually.

Want Hiring High Performance Sales Reps? Avoid 9 Types of Sales Reluctance
Salespeople and hiring managers can identify potential problems before hiring someone. To drive sales performance, avoid these nine traits.

What to Do Before, During and After High Stakes Presentations to Win
Based upon decades of research, this white paper outlines the key activities that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome.

When Slides Do and Do NOT Help
Slides, when they are thoughtfully created and skillfully used, can enhance a speaker’s impact. Often, however, slides are included in ways that add little or that actually detract from a presentation. learn the key “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Why Social Networking Isn’t the Next Big Sales Thing
You are! It’s still the personal connection that seals the deal. The rise of social media sites such as Facebook & LinkedIn have lured many sales pros away from personal interactions.

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We engaged LSA to design and deliver a 6-month custom executive coaching program for a group of our key leaders. The focus of the program was to help a core group of senior leaders to leverage previous investments in management training, to ensure the engagement and retention of key employees, and to push critical strategic initiatives forward. Even with the high expectations of our senior people, LSA has completely exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create and implement a custom coaching methodology using proven tools to drive true change.

Ivan Fukumoto
Senior HR Manager - Staffing, Training, & Development

We consider LSA our true business partner in the areas of Learning and Organizational Development. From Strategic Planning to Presentation Skills and Management Training, they continue to provide excellent value and extremely high quality solutions – not just one time events. I recommend them to anyone looking to drive true business results.

Michelle A. Mitchell
Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources

I consistently look to LSA Global when I need custom programs put together for my client groups. I can always count on LSA to do a thorough needs analysis and to put together spectacular programs that are well received. Their management development and performance management expertise and professionalism make them one of my top-rated learning and development partners.

Stephanie Webb
HR Program Manager


PalmSource has found our relationship with LSA extremely beneficial. We worked closely with LSA to customize the right Management Training Program solution to meet our unique business needs. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner.

Ken Boehm
Vice President of Human Resources

Over the years, both at 3Com and now at Redback, I’ve found LSA Global to be a valuable resource. The recent compliance program that they delivered for Redback’s executive and management team was the right solution, of the highest of quality, and customized to our business and culture. I would highly recommend LSA to any company looking for top quality solutions.

Gina Fulton
Vice President of Human Resources

We consider LSA Global our outsourced learning and development partner. We worked closely with LSA to customize a management development program to meet our growing business needs. I would highly recommend LSA to any company wanting to deliver quality learning solutions.

Terri Wright-Scheer
Vice President Human Resources

LSA helped change our entire culture around meetings, making them more effective and efficient, thus enabling us to concentrate on driving more business.

Terry Wassman
VP of Human Resources

We recently partnered with LSA Global to offer our Supervisors and Managers a customized two-day management training program. Everyone who attended said it was by far the best management training program they had ever attended. The content was rich and highly interactive. The case studies were relevant. Each participant walked away from the training much better equipped to lead their teams.

Jeff Coon
Director of Human Resources

LSA custom designed a Management Development program that is absolutely “on target” for our technical managers. Their facilitator has done a superb job delivering the material in a way that is fast paced, highly interactive, and fun. She presents practical solutions to the people situations that our managers face every day. I regard LSA as an excellent partner that understands our business needs and a virtual member of our HR department.

Judith Onton
Vice President Human Resources

LSA has become the gold standard in team building and management training at Genomic Health! I have a hard time finding facilitators that come close to their level of customization, expertise and experience.

Emily Couey
Director of Human Resources

We partnered with LSA Global to help us invest in our people in the areas of performance coaching, diversity, and inclusion. They focused on helping us succeed and were very flexible in meeting our specific needs. LSA Global exceeded my expectations from a speed, quality, and value standpoint. I would recommend LSA Global to anyone looking for a true business partner.

Anita Luckinbill
Director, Human Resources

The Next Generation Management Development courses have helped me communicate more effectively with my peers and teammates. By utilizing effective communication techniques such as clarifying and confirming, and asking open ended questions, I have been able to clarify and understand information in situations where I would have otherwise asked limited questions and made false assumptions.

Robert Breckner
Firmware Engineering Manager

I am very impressed with the quality of work and talent. LSA did a great job of listening to my needs and providing the exact management training program expertise I needed to get the job done.

Don Pryor
Director, Business Planning & Analysis

Our company engaged LSA to do a specialized “train the trainer” program, and the consultant’s performance outdid our exceptionally high standards for such a program. Very crucial to the success of this program was the work done upfront to discuss our needs and to interview key members of our organization so that the program specifically met our goals. Our facilitators continue to comment on the success of the program. Thanks also for the follow-up.

Frank Abbott
Chief Financial Officer

Each program is preceded by an assessment of the participants. The course is then designed to fit the specific parameters and needs of the group. The highly interactive delivery is provided by recognized experts in their fields. On the spot coaching is provided during the program and each participant receives individual follow-up after the course. Courses can be delivered in-person or virtually. Given the nature of Cisco’s business and the way we operate, these remote workshops are a must for anyone who joins our company. Their work is eye opening. Great content and fantastic delivery.

Frank J. Kuypers
Business Development Manager

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