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10 Simple Steps for Leading Virtual and Global Teams
Upward of 70% of our workforce now works virtually. Learn how to ensure that these teams communicate effectively and efficiently while integrating cultural influences and differing perspectives.

3 Proven Steps to Better Manage Project Stakeholder Risks
In this article we’ll address the people swirling around your project: stakeholders. You’ll find some tips and other resources for optimizing stakeholder involvement in your project.

4 Keys to Present Like a Rock Star to Senior Executives
Senior Executives are one of the hardest-hitting crowds you will ever face as a presenter.

5 Critical Characteristics of a Great Executive Project Sponsor
Well-chosen project sponsors can navigate you safely past all kinds of stumbling blocks and guide you and your project team to deliver what was promised.  What to look for.

5 Steps to Create a Smart Crystal Ball for Project Success
A project post mortem helps to figure out what went right, what went wrong and how to continuously improve.  How you might handle things better the next time.

5 Steps to Get Your Project Team Pulling in the Same Direction
The more important, complex and visible your project, the more critical it is to have all the team members working together and pulling in the same direction.

6 Proven Steps to Running Better Technology Projects
What is it about information technology projects? Since Gartner highlighted project management as a critical success factor for IT projects in ’95, we’ve seen a flood of training, methodology, and PMO initiatives that continue today. Despite this massive investment in better project management, IT projects are a continued source of frustration for many organizations. Learn how to change that.

6 Research-Backed Reasons Small Projects Beat Large Projects 2 Out of Every 3 Times
A recent Gartner survey found that large projects fail 66% more often than small projects.  This is not surprising when you consider how much more difficult it is to manage a complex, long-term project with a huge budget than one that is less costly, shorter in duration and with fewer opportunities for shifts in scope. But what option do you have when major change is required?

6 Ways to Foster Better Project Team Collaboration
Project teams that work collaboratively are high performing teams that consistently produce high quality results and care about the goals they reach together.

7 Principles for Effective Teamwork
Effective teamwork can help drive true business results. Our research has uncovered 7 key principles. Some are obvious and some may surprise you.

Break the Gridlock: How to Prioritize to Accelerate Projects
What happens when we try to juggle too many projects? Gridlock. Too many of us experience it on the freeway every day. Working on too many projects has the same effect. Read about the five key factors to accelerate your project.

Create More Realistic Schedules with Multi-Project Resource Leveling
Resource leveling is essential for building a realistic schedule. If our schedules call for personnel to work 24 hours a day in order to meet milestones, it’s a good bet we’ll miss the milestones. As more people work on more projects, it isn’t enough for a project manager to avoid over-scheduling team members. It takes the coordinated effort of multiple project managers and the managers who have authority to assign people to projects.

Earned Value Management: What Counts When Assessing Project Progress
Is your project on time? On budget? Do you really know? Often there is a fine line between success and failure. Developing accurate progress assessments is difficult as projects grow in size and complexity. Fortunately, the proven project management practice of calculating progress based upon original cost and schedule goals provides a consistent, logical method for tracking and reporting cost and schedule status.

Field-Tested Factors to Project Management Success
Most of us at one time or another will be responsible for the successful completion of a project. Explore the challenges of managing projects and get 5 field-tested tips for improving the success rate of all projects.

Getting the Right Project Resources to Succeed – 7 Key Questions
With every project comes competition for resources to get the job done. When managers tell you there’s not enough staff or budget to give you what’s needed to get the job done, how do you get more than your “fair share?”

How to Best Handle a Fixed Deadline when Project Scope is Unclear
Lewis and Clark finished their journey almost 1 year behind schedule. When your project finishes 10 months late, chances are there aren’t any parades. How to handle a fixed deadline when project scope is unclear.

How to Gracefully Overcome the Top 4 Project Challenges
Poor project execution causes more failures than poor strategies. Learn about the 4 biggest challenges and what can a project leader do to deliver predictable results.

Leading Virtual Teams – Top 4 Challenges and 3 Winning Communication Strategies
Virtual teams have some special challenges. If you are leading a virtual team, there are three dimensions of communication you need to know.

Portfolio Management: How to Choose Between Projects
With so many potential projects, how do we decide which ones are worth the attention and resources? Project selection and portfolio management are the hottest new topics in project management today. Once project teams become better at executing projects, the big issue becomes, “Which Projects?”

Practical Team Building Guidelines for IT Project Managers
Successful IT projects typically depend on using a specific technology. But when projects require more than one person to complete, they also require high performance teamwork.

Project Management Best Practice Templates
Want to save time and frustration? These 20 proven Project Management Templates will help you to manage your projects more successfully by saving time, reducing cost and improving project quality and business value.

The 6 “Get Right” Basics of a Great Project Kick-off Meeting
Every project must at some point be introduced and presented to the project team members who will be responsible for delivering the “goods” and the project stakeholders who play various roles on the road to results.  Most practitioners refer to this critical session as the official kick-off meeting. It will set the tone for the entire project. It must go well.

The Most Important Things To Do About Missed Project Deadlines
Not all missed deadlines are created equal.  Missed project milestones should be treated differently based upon the circumstances and the performance culture that you want to create.  Learn why it matters in your organization if you miss a deadline on a project…

Three Keys to Project Leadership
So what is Project Leadership? Is it task lists? Is it Gantt charts? Schedules? People stuff? The answer is YES, all of the above, and much more.

Top 10 Project Management Mistakes and How to Prevent Them from Destroying Your Next Project
Most high growth companies complete core work through projects and project teams.  Successful organizations learn from early slip-ups.

Top 5 Warning Signs of a Bad Project Leader
As Project Leaders, we rarely think that we are the Captain of the project version of the Titanic or that the problem lies with us. We blame any problems on our teams, clients, stakeholders, sponsors, or other external factors—not on ourselves. Learn if you or one of your project leaders is the issue and what to do about it.

Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Project Management
What is the next step in Project Management? Once clients have seen the positive effect that sound project management practices and technologies can have on their businesses, they often ask how to raise results to the next level. Read more to learn about Enterprise Project Management (EPM).

Virtual Project Teams: 5 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Dangers
Virtual project teams contain additional (and often hidden) risks.  Creating a high performing team is challenging enough when all team members are on the same site. When the team operates virtually, the challenges are multiplied. Here are some project management tips for virtual teams that will keep you all on track.

“Accidental Project Managers” – PM Is Not Just for PMs Anymore
Professionals in every department – marketing, accounting, purchasing, and human resources, for example – are being affected by the need for project management capability.

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What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from training and consulting organizations. LSA gives you the practical and results-oriented assistance you need to define and reach your goal.  They provide a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix. They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

David Fiano
Vice President Human Resources

LSA has been a tremendous asset to my portfolio, both at my current company and my past company. As an HR leader, I am always looking for ways to find external resources that can provide a solution to our management training needs. LSA does that for me. Their solutions are presented in a much more leadership-oriented manner so as to be crisp, business relevant, and easy to apply right back on the job. I will continue to augment our programs using LSA solutions.

Ken Boehm
VP of Human Resources

LSA helped to meet the needs of my teams within a very narrow timeframe. My team walked away with highly useful management tools and practices. LSA saved us time in delivering the right solution for our specific needs.

Sandeep Kumar
Director, Software Engineering, EPG

LSA’s consultant designed and delivered a half-day team building solution for our recent conference. It included careful customization to integrate the design with our new mission and values. Everyone had fun and identified key issues with our teamwork. Altogether a great program!

Bob Ward
Director of HR

I’ve partnered with LSA Global at two companies now, and I consider them a valuable and trusted training and consulting resource. They recommended just the right solution to address our management development needs and have wonderful facilitators that match YuMe’s culture and style of our management team. I would highly recommend LSA Global to any company wanting to deliver quality learning solutions with a valuable learning and development partner.

Maya Paul
HR Director

“We turned to LSA to help us custom design and deliver a leadership and management development curriculum to help drive performance. They have done an excellent job diagnosing the business situation, designing an approach that fits our culture, and delivering a first class solution.”

Sally Buchannan
VP Human Resources

Over the years, both at 3Com and now at Redback, I’ve found LSA Global to be a valuable resource. The recent compliance program that they delivered for Redback’s executive and management team was the right solution, of the highest of quality, and customized to our business and culture. I would highly recommend LSA to any company looking for top quality solutions.

Gina Fulton
Vice President of Human Resources

I am very impressed with the quality of work and talent. LSA did a great job of listening to my needs and providing the exact management training program expertise I needed to get the job done.

Don Pryor
Director, Business Planning & Analysis

We recently contacted LSA Global to assist us with a unique training request. We gave LSA a very short deadline and LSA custom designed a training program to meet our exact requirements within the limited time allotted to them. We found their facilitator to be well versed in the subject matter and very credible; the design provided practical and valuable information to our team of managers. I highly recommend LSA Global, particularly in the area of management training.

Julaine K. Souza
Senior Vice President

I have worked with other training companies and found it to be more of a seller/buyer relationship than one of matching the right expertise to our business issues. That’s what LSA does – ask the hard questions, listen, and understand our business needs. We receive the benefit of their expertise from assistance with personal development plans to enhancing team performance, to looking at enterprise-wide challenges. It’s all about helping our business succeed as we grow. Right now, LSA is providing great ideas, a fresh approach, and valuable guidance as we develop our management team and accelerate our client relationship management results.

Kristin Westland-Kaune
Director, Team Development

I highly recommend LSA Global to anyone who is looking to improve individual or organizational effectiveness through their top quality programs and broad range of expertise.

Greg Pappas
VP of Human Resources

We recently partnered with LSA Global to offer our Supervisors and Managers a customized two-day management training program. Everyone who attended said it was by far the best management training program they had ever attended. The content was rich and highly interactive. The case studies were relevant. Each participant walked away from the training much better equipped to lead their teams.

Jeff Coon
Director of Human Resources

What a personal and professional pleasure it has been to Partner with LSA. They are truly a strategic partner with Wyse. For more than 5 years, LSA has been engaged in delivering various training and development solutions for Wyse, from custom on-site programs targeting specific core competencies, to working individually with clients to build job skills, and offering invaluable services to me and my team as we continue to build our learning programs. LSA’s representatives do more than sell a product, they offer a full service solution: they understand our business, our strategic initiatives, and the needs of our customers.

Jeff Rangel
Director of HR

I have worked with LSA Global at previous companies and welcomed the opportunity to bring them in to support my new organization. We worked closely with LSA to design a solution for our Client Partner Teams and Management Training on both coasts. LSA designed a customized solution for our business and organizational culture. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner that makes an impact.

Laurie Torres
Chief People Officer

LSA’s approach and ability to bring the best resources to eBay has been a great asset. They really focus on helping us succeed in any way they can and are very flexible in meeting our management and talent needs.

Mike Normant
Learning & Development


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