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25 Years of Behavioral Interviewing: Critical Changes and Challenges
We offer a quick look at some of the greatest interviewing changes—and challenges—of the past quarter-century and how to respond to them. We also note a few practices and beliefs that we think could use improvement.

4 Smart Steps to Determine When to Hire or Fire Salespeople
One of the most difficult decisions a company has to make is figuring out the optimum size of its sales force. There are so many things to consider…not least of which is determining how soon the investment will pay off.

5 Steps to Defining & Attracting Top Talent
If you are counting on new hires to succeed, and if you are serious about avoiding the hiring mistakes that keep so many great strategies from succeeding, here are five steps to finding the best people with the talent you need.

7 Smart Tips to Hire Right for Your Unique Corporate Culture
It doesn’t matter how qualified and dedicated a new employee may be; if they are at serious odds with your company culture, they won’t last long.

8 Powerful Traits of Successful Talent Leaders
What makes a person an outstanding talent leader? Is it the ability to set a vision, develop a strategy, or manage a budget? Or is it something much less visible and more subtle?

All Aboard for Customer Service New Hires that Fit
Losing good employees is expensive. The insides sales and customer service areas at most companies have annual turnover well north of 25%. While the reasons for this are many, it typically boils down to two critical things.

Are Your Sales Reps Too Eager to Please? 3 Problems + 5 Tips
How many times have you hired a likeable, friendly, and outgoing person and seen him fail miserably as a salesperson because he could not close? Find out about how to handle the “too eager to please” reps.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing & Invented Lives
For many years, interviewers have contended with falsified resumes, bogus college degrees and transcripts, exaggerated claims about past achievements, and applicants just testing the market.

Do Not Fall Behind – 5 Smart Ways to Transform Your Recruiting Process
Why, with so much new, potentially time-saving technology, has the hiring process remained much the same as it was 50 years ago.  5 smart ways to transform your recruiting process.

Donald Trump and The Ultimate Interview
We’ve noticed is that our interviewing method is just as successful at revealing problems with prospective job candidates as Trump’s show is.

Don’t Be Fooled into Making Bad Moves Related to High Sales Force Turnover
Are you seeing too high a rate of turnover in your sales force? Experts have studied the problem and have come up with some very interesting numbers…based upon thousands of exit interviews and surveys.

Evaluating and Hiring Major League Talent
Major League Baseball is currently rolling out a new technology that tracks each player’s on-field performance second by second. Learn how behavioral interviewing methodology uses the same techniques.

Fighting Back Against False Candidate Credentials for Sale
Job seekers intent on gaining any advantage in a tough market don’t have to falsify their resumes. They can hire the “experts” to do it for them.

Hiring Best Practices – How Important is Cultural Fit?
Some claim that cultural fit in the hiring process is much more important than technical skills and experience (which can be taught).

How to Hire Millennials that Fit
The Millennial generation includes those born after 1979. Many employers are scrambling to adapt to this generation since they comprise the fastest growing segment of the working population.

How to Hire Top Sales Talent – 4 Tips Your Competition Does NOT Know
All sales teams have clear winners (high performers) and clear losers (low performers).  Finding and hiring those winners can make an immense difference in team performance.

How to Onboard New Sales Reps and Keep Them – Best Practices and Warning Signs
Because it takes time and money to get new salespeople up-to-speed and because buyers want stability, most of our clients want their sales force to stay over the long term.

Hyper Growth – 5 Proven Suggestions to Recruit and Hire Really Great People
If your company is growing rapidly, the ability to attract and hire great talent becomes paramount.  Try these 5 suggestions for making a real and noticeable difference.

Keys to Transforming a Recruiting Function
We don’t usually think of recruiters as heroic. Yet there are recruiting leaders who have achieved amazing results. Read about how one recruiting leader took over a recruiting function that was stumbling along and turned it into a world-class function.

New Employee Orientation: 7 Speed to Productivity Best Practices
Is your speed to productivity for new hires where it should be? Most new employees take 3-24 months to “get up to speed.” This wide disparity in on-boarding provides wonderful opportunities for organizations looking to decrease “ramp time” for a more effective new hire on-boarding process.

The 16 Key Recruiting Metrics
How should we measure the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts? With the increased emphasis on measurement, we are getting asked this question much more frequently than we were even just 10 years ago.

Thriving in a Jobless Recovery through Career Development
Fortunately, with patience, perseverance, courage, and humor it is possible to thrive in a jobless recovery.

Want Hiring High Performance Sales Reps? Avoid 9 Types of Sales Reluctance
Salespeople and hiring managers can identify potential problems before hiring someone. To drive sales performance, avoid these nine traits.

Why Behavioral “Give Me an Example” Questions Do Not Work in Interviews
Interviewers today are in a bind. Behavior-based interviewing that relies on “give me an example” questions is in jeopardy in terms of effectiveness. Learn how to get the right talent.

Why Talent Is Surprisingly Only 1/3rd of the Talent Management Recipe for Success
Effective talent management can differentiate your company from the competition in both good and bad times.  Inconsistent and unaligned talent management methodologies can grind your company to a halt.

Why the Interviewing Process is Flawed – And What to Do About It
In a previous issue of the Harvard Business Review, Larry Bossidy, the past CEO of AlliedSignal, describes interviewing as “the most flawed process in American business.”

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We recently partnered with LSA Global to offer our Supervisors and Managers a customized two-day management training program. Everyone who attended said it was by far the best management training program they had ever attended. The content was rich and highly interactive. The case studies were relevant. Each participant walked away from the training much better equipped to lead their teams.

Jeff Coon
Director of Human Resources

LSA’s Employee Engagement Consulting and Survey work has provided critical visibility into: how well our people are holding up under the general economic environment, as well as, the specific challenges that face biotechnology companies in their efforts to discover and develop new medicines; their level of alignment and commitment to XOMA’s Vision and mission critical strategies; how leadership practices and management systems support an environment that engender commitment, and the specific actions that our leaders can take to improve on areas that are important to our people. I highly recommend LSA’s employee engagement solutions.

Chris Wells
Vice President, HR and IT

Congratulations on your pro-activity in establishing this program and developing such an effective New Employee Orientation course.

Farhat Ali
President and Chief Executive Office


PalmSource has found our relationship with LSA extremely beneficial. We worked closely with LSA to customize the right Management Training Program solution to meet our unique business needs. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner.

Ken Boehm
Vice President of Human Resources

We signed up with LSA early on–as their 22nd Member! Since then, our organization’s learning needs have increased and decreased and increased again with the changing times. The beauty of the LSA business model is its flexibility…when we needed to supplement our own internal resources, we used LSA services knowing that we could depend on the outstanding quality of the leadership development and management training programs they provide.

Margie Bunting
HR Manager

Avon’s success is dependent on strong relationships among our Customers, Representatives, Associates, and outside resources we hire to help us meet our business objectives. We were very pleased with the results from working with LSA Global to design and facilitate a custom program for our events management team. LSA demonstrated responsiveness, flexibility, and an innovative approach to working with us.

Deanna Rudnitsky
Senior Manager, HR Destiny Sales Region

What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from training and consulting organizations. LSA gives you the practical and results-oriented assistance you need to define and reach your goal.  They provide a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix. They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

David Fiano
Vice President Human Resources

Hyperion has a commitment to lifelong learning. LSA helps us provide the right business sales training, management training programs, and leadership development programs at the right time to meet the needs of both individuals and departments. I especially appreciate their ability to listen to my needs and recommend the appropriate facilitators, solutions and content.

Sarah Parks
Senior Project Manager


We have worked with LSA Global for our learning and development needs and have always had great success. They helped us recently with customized Management Workshops that we held for the second time. It was fantastic, and I would highly recommend LSA to anyone that is attempting to get immediate and impactful improvements.

Mary Johnston
HR Manager, BU Radiology Informatics

We contacted LSA to help us with customized management development. LSA worked with me to identify a solution that would meet our exact needs. We decided to start at the top and ran the program for our executive team. It was such a great success that we hope to roll it out companywide. We look forward to a long-term partnership with LSA Global and their team of experts.

Barry L. Byrd, SPHR
Human Resources Manager

LSA’s customized Effective Presentation Skills program has helped me elevate my presentation skills to the next level. I now have a much greater self-awareness of my presentation skills and can leverage off of my strengths while working to improve upon other areas. I would definitely recommend this solution to anyone for whom business presentations are an integral part of their job.

Jim Elliott
Senior Marketing Manager


LSA helped us design and deliver a blended learning solution for our leaders to help drive our growth plans in a way that aligned with our specific culture and values. LSA understood our business, had deep expertise in the content areas, tailored the programs to fit our specific needs, and delivered great results. They constantly strive to deliver business impact and align their solutions with our business initiates, culture, and performance management systems. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their leaders to the next level.”

Beth A. Taylor
Vice President of Human Resources


LSA helped to meet the needs of my teams within a very narrow timeframe. My team walked away with highly useful management tools and practices. LSA saved us time in delivering the right solution for our specific needs.

Sandeep Kumar
Director, Software Engineering, EPG

I have worked with other training companies and found it to be more of a seller/buyer relationship than one of matching the right expertise to our business issues. That’s what LSA does – ask the hard questions, listen, and understand our business needs. We receive the benefit of their expertise from assistance with personal development plans to enhancing team performance, to looking at enterprise-wide challenges. It’s all about helping our business succeed as we grow. Right now, LSA is providing great ideas, a fresh approach, and valuable guidance as we develop our management team and accelerate our client relationship management results.

Kristin Westland-Kaune
Director, Team Development

Our company engaged LSA to do a specialized “train the trainer” program, and the consultant’s performance outdid our exceptionally high standards for such a program. Very crucial to the success of this program was the work done upfront to discuss our needs and to interview key members of our organization so that the program specifically met our goals. Our facilitators continue to comment on the success of the program. Thanks also for the follow-up.

Frank Abbott
Chief Financial Officer

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