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15 Obstacles to Implementing an Employee Engagement Survey
What’s standing in the way of your organization from collecting valuable employee feedback? Can you relate to any of the most common obstacles below?

2 Steps for CHRO’s to Retain Top Performers
How CHRO’s should identify which positions give their companies a competitive edge and what they should do to retain them.

23 Differences to Know between Old and New School Instructional Design
Instructional design does not have to be expensive, slow and frustrating. We believe that custom-designed solutions for both internal and external customers can often be better, faster and cheaper than off-the-shelf solutions if you do it right.

25 Years of Behavioral Interviewing: Critical Changes and Challenges
We offer a quick look at some of the greatest interviewing changes—and challenges—of the past quarter-century and how to respond to them. We also note a few practices and beliefs that we think could use improvement.

3 Proven Training Roll-out Strategies – the Pro’s and Con’s
There are many obstacles to the successful Transfer of Training™. But if you carefully consider three training implementation strategies when rolling out a learning solution, you’ll be much more likely to achieve the results you seek.

3 Research-Backed Employee Retention Strategies
Based upon surveying over half a million employees across more than 5,000 organizations every year, three core strategies surfaced that must be in place for an organization to achieve world class retention of their top talent.

3 Smart Ways Successful Managers Engage Employees
Managing successfully is about consistently turning in the desired results from a dedicated team of engaged, motivated, high performing employees.

3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Initiative
Building smarter training initiatives is about ensuring that training investments get meaningful results that are relevant to the business. Here are the three steps that we have found to be most effective.

30+ Secrets of Successful Facilitators
We spent the past 10 years in some futile field research where we interviewed and observed several facilitators and the groups they facilitated in an attempt to identify the secrets of effective facilitation.

4 Big Picture Ingredients When Designing an Effective Training Function from Scratch
Two clients made big changes to their training functions. What you can learn from them.

4 Key Concepts to Legal Compliance that You Cannot Afford to Get Wrong
Two cases in the past month remind us that discrimination and retaliation are easy for employees to prove when managers don’t document correctly.

4 Smart Steps to Determine When to Hire or Fire Salespeople
One of the most difficult decisions a company has to make is figuring out the optimum size of its sales force. There are so many things to consider…not least of which is determining how soon the investment will pay off.

5 Key Succession Planning Trends and Lessons from the Field
Succession planning expectations are increasing. Most companies have taken some steps. Are they effective? What can you learn from them?

5 Key Training Questions to Always Ask
While training is just one of many tools that can be used to increase revenue, decrease costs, or increase productivity, there are some general questions that should be considered before undertaking any learning initiative.

5 Most Common Training Function Strategies and Key Mistakes to Avoid
5 main strategic approaches that differentiate one training function from another. The key is to create a focus that works in your specific environment and addresses your most pressing needs.

5 Steps to Defining & Attracting Top Talent
If you are counting on new hires to succeed, and if you are serious about avoiding the hiring mistakes that keep so many great strategies from succeeding, here are five steps to finding the best people with the talent you need.

5 Succession Planning Traps to Avoid When You Want to Retain High Potential Employees
Without leaders-in-waiting, an organization’s future health could be at risk – especially during times of hyper growth or leadership transitions.

5 Surprising Things Your Training Company Does NOT Want You to Know
Most training company recommendations and advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Download this article to learn about the Top 5 things that training companies don’t want you to know about their business.

5 Things Your Exit Interviews Do Not Reveal and How to Make Them Better
95% of employees say they can help leaders understand why former employees left. Yet most traditional exit surveys do not provide that valuable information and only return an average 20% response rate.

6 Things to Consider When Switching Engagement Survey Partners
Whatever your reason, switching survey vendors doesn’t have to be a messy, complicated, or painful process. This white paper will give you the information you need to make a smooth, easy transition to a new survey partner.

7 Action Learning Design Best Practices that Get Results
Would you be surprised to find that most Action Learning Programs do not change behavior or deliver true business results?  7 ways to get better results.

7 Principles to Develop the Antidote to Ineffective Training
Why “training” is typically a waste of time and money when it should be every company’s “Killer App”.

7 Smart Tips to Hire Right for Your Unique Corporate Culture
It doesn’t matter how qualified and dedicated a new employee may be; if they are at serious odds with your company culture, they won’t last long.

7 Tips on How Managers Can Increase Engagement through Communication
What can you do to ensure your communication with employees is helping, not hindering, engagement? See that you follow these guidelines to succeed.

8 Powerful Traits of Successful Talent Leaders
What makes a person an outstanding talent leader? Is it the ability to set a vision, develop a strategy, or manage a budget? Or is it something much less visible and more subtle?

8 Reasons Leaders Need 360 Feedback
Done right, the 360-degree feedback process provides valuable insight that individuals typically cannot gain on their own.

A Purposeful and Aligned Culture – Your Organization’s DNA
A Purposeful Culture engages the business strategy.  It accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing organizations.

Action Learning – The Fundamentals You Need to Know
Action Learning is the heart of a strong Leadership Development Process, based on the idea that people learn best when they have to take real and important action rather than do an academic exercise.

Alignment: The Missing Leadership Ingredient Not to Miss
A great strategy can be rendered utterly useless by an ineffective culture and average talent. The proper alignment of strategy, culture and talent allows organizations to thrive and outperform their competition.

All Aboard for Customer Service New Hires that Fit
Losing good employees is expensive. The insides sales and customer service areas at most companies have annual turnover well north of 25%. While the reasons for this are many, it typically boils down to two critical things.

Are You Aimlessly Engaging Employees?
Studies show that engaged workers are over 40% more productive and effective than their unengaged counterparts. Are you following these employee engagement best practices to drive productivity, engagement, retention, and profit?

Are You Sitting at the Table? Keys to Becoming True HR Business Partners
What does it take to transform HR into true business partners? We have been asked that same question for decades and have some key insights from high performing HR teams.

Are Your Sales Reps Too Eager to Please? 3 Problems + 5 Tips
How many times have you hired a likeable, friendly, and outgoing person and seen him fail miserably as a salesperson because he could not close? Find out about how to handle the “too eager to please” reps.

Avoiding the 4 Deadliest Sins of Training
When you step back and look at the four deadly sins, one overriding theme can eliminate these mistakes, make these common problems disappear, and help bring alignment across all of your major stakeholders.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing & Invented Lives
For many years, interviewers have contended with falsified resumes, bogus college degrees and transcripts, exaggerated claims about past achievements, and applicants just testing the market.

Build vs. Buy? Critical Training Outsourcing Lessons from the Field
While much has been written regarding the build vs. buy decision for technology solutions, there is little helpful literature regarding learning solutions or the training function as a whole.  Learn more about the key questions to consider before outsourcing training.

Can You Afford Online Compliance Training?
To date, no court has ruled that e-training meets your legal responsibilities. So – what is the likelihood that your organization will get sued if you use online learning for compliance training?

Changing Corporate Culture: 4 Do’s and 3 Don’ts
Leaders are beginning to better understand the importance of culture.  Changing an entrenched attitudes and beliefs however, is one of the toughest leadership tasks you will face.

Coaching Makes the Difference – 6 Tips to Get Engagement and Performance Started
Is your team firing on all cylinders?  Before spending money and time on surveys, smart leaders make sure the changes will bring about the desired business results.

Communication Plan Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Survey
Communication is perhaps one of the most overlooked and under-executed elements of the employee engagement survey process. Learn how to increase participation, build trust, encourage honest feedback, and lead positive change.

Compensation: When to Thaw Salary Freezes
At what point do you need to do something? Salary freezes rarely mean that all salaries are frozen. Unfortunately, salary freezes are often accompanied with reductions in force, which result in job combinations and individuals being asked to “wear multiple hats.” So what should you do?

Developing Smarter Training Budgets that Get Approved by Executives
Organizations continue to budget and spend billions of dollars each year on training and development for their employees – programs that typically fail to produce tangible business results. No wonder the majority of executives are looking at ways to aggressively cut training costs.

Ditch Permission-to-Play Training Metrics and Embrace Impact Metrics
There is more corporate pressure for training measurement than ever before…you just need to update your tools and redefine your purpose by better understanding and applying the different types of training metrics.

Do Not Fall Behind – 5 Smart Ways to Transform Your Recruiting Process
Why, with so much new, potentially time-saving technology, has the hiring process remained much the same as it was 50 years ago.  5 smart ways to transform your recruiting process.

Do You have a High Performance Culture to Drive Your Strategy?
It is your job as a leader to shape and align your culture to move your strategy forward.  Culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing organizations.

Do You Really Comply with AB 1825 Training Requirements?
Perhaps you don’t know that new regulations expanded the law and now require training to prevent not only sexual harassment, but all forms of harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Donald Trump and The Ultimate Interview
We’ve noticed is that our interviewing method is just as successful at revealing problems with prospective job candidates as Trump’s show is.

Don’t Be Fooled into Making Bad Moves Related to High Sales Force Turnover
Are you seeing too high a rate of turnover in your sales force? Experts have studied the problem and have come up with some very interesting numbers…based upon thousands of exit interviews and surveys.

Employee Engagement Crash Course – A Handy Guide for First-Time Surveyors
What is employee engagement?  Why is it important? How do I measure it?  How do I improve it?  And, where do I start?

Ethical Leadership: What Does it Mean?
How can you ensure that your company doesn’t fall prey to the next big ethics scandal? If you think the answer is simply more legal training and compliance policies, you are at risk.

Evaluating and Hiring Major League Talent
Major League Baseball is currently rolling out a new technology that tracks each player’s on-field performance second by second. Learn how behavioral interviewing methodology uses the same techniques.

Exposing 3 Big Corporate Culture Myths about Talent
Do not fall for misinformation about culture promising quick fixes and silver bullets for everything that ails under-performing businesses.

Faster, Better & Cheaper Instructional Design – The ABCs to Make it Happen
During the past 15 years of instructional design, we have discovered that it is possible to have faster, better AND cheaper results by using unconventional strategies.

Fighting Back Against False Candidate Credentials for Sale
Job seekers intent on gaining any advantage in a tough market don’t have to falsify their resumes. They can hire the “experts” to do it for them.

Five Keys to Effective Executive Coaching
Coaching should be done in the right place at the right time with the right style. Look for teachable moments and provide feedback with the right balance of directness and empathy.

Hiring Best Practices – How Important is Cultural Fit?
Some claim that cultural fit in the hiring process is much more important than technical skills and experience (which can be taught).

How to Assess on 3 Levels to Improve Performance
Based on over 800 training assessment and measurement projects, we recommend that you administer assessments on the following three levels

How to Build Higher Levels of Trust in Leaders
One area stands out as having the highest correlation to high levels of employee engagement compared to any other – the ability of Leaders to Build Trust.

How to Determine the Right Operating Principles for Your Training Function
Too few Learning and Development Functions fully consider the consequences of their assumptions and principles and how they are to be implemented across the organization.

How to Finally Raise the Bar through Training Assessments
The majority of learning initiatives continue to bypass individual skill assessments prior to designing or delivering new programs. Skipping over this first step of assessing gaps is one of the root causes driving a nearly 90%+ learning program failure rate.

How to Hire Millennials that Fit
The Millennial generation includes those born after 1979. Many employers are scrambling to adapt to this generation since they comprise the fastest growing segment of the working population.

How to Hire Top Sales Talent – 4 Tips Your Competition Does NOT Know
All sales teams have clear winners (high performers) and clear losers (low performers).  Finding and hiring those winners can make an immense difference in team performance.

How to Onboard New Sales Reps and Keep Them – Best Practices and Warning Signs
Because it takes time and money to get new salespeople up-to-speed and because buyers want stability, most of our clients want their sales force to stay over the long term.

How to Prevent Lawsuits: Your Legal To-Do List
Looking back over the past year, we’ve seen a few trends in employment law. What action steps can you take now to prevent costly lawsuits?

How to Recognize the 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Quit
How to recognize the subtle signs and act before it’s too late based upon 19,700 employee exit employee surveys from organizations in 17 different industries.

How to Survive the Perfect Anti-Discrimination Storm
Historic trends and events are converging into a perfect storm that could place anti-discrimination at the center of corporate policy with an intensity unseen since passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

How to Use Training Metrics to Drive Focus and Agility
Successful companies have learned that training measurement has tremendous value in both helping evaluate what matters (where to focus your efforts) and then in tracking change (so you can consistently realign).

Hyper Growth – 5 Proven Suggestions to Recruit and Hire Really Great People
If your company is growing rapidly, the ability to attract and hire great talent becomes paramount.  Try these 5 suggestions for making a real and noticeable difference.

Increasing the Adoption & Impact of Training Using RAI
How Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati is beginning to change the training game by using the Training RAI™ methodology to get results.

Individual Development Plan Template to Transfer Learning
The purpose of this document is to provide a simple and focused individual development plan template to help ensure that lessons from training are transferred to on-the-job performance.

Keys to Transforming a Recruiting Function
We don’t usually think of recruiters as heroic. Yet there are recruiting leaders who have achieved amazing results. Read about how one recruiting leader took over a recruiting function that was stumbling along and turned it into a world-class function.

Laws of Learning: 14 Important Principles to Follow
While each solution we design and deliver is customized for the specific business needs and objectives, we find that these laws are particularly relevant to adult learners.

Measurement of Training: 5 Smart Steps
Measuring the business results of soft skills is viewed by most people with a mixture of fear and loathing.  It can and has been done.  And the good news is that it is not as difficult as others would lead you to believe.

New Employee Orientation: 7 Speed to Productivity Best Practices
Is your speed to productivity for new hires where it should be? Most new employees take 3-24 months to “get up to speed.” This wide disparity in on-boarding provides wonderful opportunities for organizations looking to decrease “ramp time” for a more effective new hire on-boarding process.

Number 1 Reason Training Initiatives Fail According to Executives
When we talk to HR and training, they consistently tell us that learning initiatives fail for one of three reasons. Executives tell us that all three assumptions are incorrect.

Sarbanes-Oxley vs. Ethics Training: What Makes Sense When?
So you want Sarbanes-Oxley “SOX” training for all your managers? Not so fast. While all managers should get ethics training, Sarbanes-Oxley is only part of a general business ethics course.

Should You Centralize or Decentralize Your Training Function?
Once your training function has a clear direction and mission, it needs to have the appropriate structure to help make it happen.

The 16 Key Recruiting Metrics
How should we measure the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts? With the increased emphasis on measurement, we are getting asked this question much more frequently than we were even just 10 years ago.

The 3 Levels of a High Performance Culture
Based upon over 25 years of research and experience, we have identified three critical and interrelated components required to create a workplace culture that matters.

The 4R Model of Transformational Leadership
We believe that leaders can be made.  The 4R Model is a roadmap for how leadership can be consciously developed and practiced through Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities and Results.

The Importance of the Right Training Function Governance
Choosing a governing committee is often one of the first steps in building an effective leaning function.

The Learning Maturity Model
Based on Kirkpatrick’s four level Summative Evaluation, the LSA Learning Maturity Continuum™ shows five levels of measurement, and how, if learning and application are not effectively linked, true results cannot be achieved nor measured.

The Only 16-Step Employee Retention Strategy You Need
Increasing retention isn’t a complex web of 100 different metrics; increasing retention comes from treating your employees like the people they are.

The Research-Backed Relationship Between Engagement and Management
Based upon surveying over half a million employees every year, this report shows the relationship between employee engagement and manager effectiveness by company type and industry.

The Top Coaching Mistakes – Is What You Learned All Wrong?
We’ve identified what we consider to be the top two mistakes that hinder effective coaching – mistakes that if avoided, will greatly simplify the coaching process and minimize the time it takes to effectively develop your people.

The Top Skills for High Performing Leaders
These six leadership competencies continue to rise to the top regardless of industry, client, strategy or culture.

Thriving in a Jobless Recovery through Career Development
Fortunately, with patience, perseverance, courage, and humor it is possible to thrive in a jobless recovery.

Top 10 Field-Tested Training Best Practices that Work
Is your approach to Learning and Development keeping up with the times? The Top 10 Training Best Practices outlines the key attributes of the most effective training and development programs and actionable practices – not just theory.

Top 10 Most Powerful Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement
Inspiring people to put forth their best effort is, perhaps, a leader’s most vexing, and yet most rewarding, challenge. The good news is that employee engagement can be measured and improved.

Top 10 Shifts for the Learning & Development Function
The training industry as a whole and the training function in general, continue to lag behind other business functions in terms of innovation, approach, and business impact.

Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Employee Engagement Consultant
The engagement consultant you select can have a major impact on your professional credibility and can make all the difference in how your CEO and CFO perceive the value the HR function brings to the organization.

Top 10 Training Function Warning Signs
If you believe that the business and performance impact of your training programs may not hold up under scrutiny from your CEO, then you should make sure that you are avoiding the top 10 warning signs that your training function may be in trouble.

Top 3 Reasons Managers Need Employment Law Training
“Why should our managers take employment law training?” All training has associated tangible and intangible costs. The answers come down to mitigating risk, execution, & performance.

Top 6 Forces Driving Engagement Plus 6 Strategies that Work
Not all factors are created equal; some have a greater effect than others. Six overall forces consistently drive engagement across most organizations.

Training Measurement: The New Case for Why and How It Should Happen
Even after completing over 800 successful training measurement projects, we continue to hear inaccurate concerns about training measurement involving three central arguments

Transfer-of-Training: Connecting the 2 Key Disconnects
How to ensure value and a return on your training investment based upon the transfer of training.

Want Hiring High Performance Sales Reps? Avoid 9 Types of Sales Reluctance
Salespeople and hiring managers can identify potential problems before hiring someone. To drive sales performance, avoid these nine traits.

What Employees Actually Want – 8 Key Findings on Employee Recognition
Feeling valued was one of three critical areas having the strongest association with overall engagement. Unfortunately, less than one percent of companies surveyed actually performed best in that area.

What to Do With Employee Survey Results: 8 Steps to Make Them Matter
You’ve completed your employee survey to gather data about something that matters to you and your organization. Now the real work begins.   In our experience, the biggest mistake of employee surveys today is a lack of follow-up.

Why Behavioral “Give Me an Example” Questions Do Not Work in Interviews
Interviewers today are in a bind. Behavior-based interviewing that relies on “give me an example” questions is in jeopardy in terms of effectiveness. Learn how to get the right talent.

Why Talent Is Surprisingly Only 1/3rd of the Talent Management Recipe for Success
Effective talent management can differentiate your company from the competition in both good and bad times.  Inconsistent and unaligned talent management methodologies can grind your company to a halt.

Why the Interviewing Process is Flawed – And What to Do About It
In a previous issue of the Harvard Business Review, Larry Bossidy, the past CEO of AlliedSignal, describes interviewing as “the most flawed process in American business.”

Why Training Measurement is NOT a Popularity Contest
Unfortunately, “popularity” is one of the most common answers we get to justify training expenditures and approaches from Training and HR departments.  This is a mistake.

Why You Have a Better Chance of Climbing Mt. Everest than Transferring Learning
A key to the successful transfer of learning is the available resources – before, during, and after a learning initiative. As part of our ongoing series on the implementation of learning initiatives, this is our second paper on our revolutionary 5Ri™ Methodology.

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LSA is an instrumental training outsourcing partner in helping us to build management capacity and strategically invest in our people. Their flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allows us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Their ability to custom design, deliver, and evaluate our Management Curriculum has been excellent. They are true business partners and a pleasure to work with.

Margaret M. Mader
Vice President, Human Resources


LSA helped change our entire culture around meetings, making them more effective and efficient, thus enabling us to concentrate on driving more business.

Terry Wassman
VP of Human Resources

LSA has been a tremendous asset to my portfolio, both at my current company and my past company. As an HR leader, I am always looking for ways to find external resources that can provide a solution to our management training needs. LSA does that for me. Their solutions are presented in a much more leadership-oriented manner so as to be crisp, business relevant, and easy to apply right back on the job. I will continue to augment our programs using LSA solutions.

Ken Boehm
VP of Human Resources

I have worked with LSA Global at previous companies and welcomed the opportunity to bring them in to support my new organization. We worked closely with LSA to design a solution for our Client Partner Teams and Management Training on both coasts. LSA designed a customized solution for our business and organizational culture. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner that makes an impact.

Laurie Torres
Chief People Officer

The Next Generation Management Development courses have helped me communicate more effectively with my peers and teammates. By utilizing effective communication techniques such as clarifying and confirming, and asking open ended questions, I have been able to clarify and understand information in situations where I would have otherwise asked limited questions and made false assumptions.

Robert Breckner
Firmware Engineering Manager

LSA’s Employee Engagement Consulting and Survey work has provided critical visibility into: how well our people are holding up under the general economic environment, as well as, the specific challenges that face biotechnology companies in their efforts to discover and develop new medicines; their level of alignment and commitment to XOMA’s Vision and mission critical strategies; how leadership practices and management systems support an environment that engender commitment, and the specific actions that our leaders can take to improve on areas that are important to our people. I highly recommend LSA’s employee engagement solutions.

Chris Wells
Vice President, HR and IT

Congratulations on your pro-activity in establishing this program and developing such an effective New Employee Orientation course.

Farhat Ali
President and Chief Executive Office


PalmSource has found our relationship with LSA extremely beneficial. We worked closely with LSA to customize the right Management Training Program solution to meet our unique business needs. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner.

Ken Boehm
Vice President of Human Resources

I consistently look to LSA Global when I need custom programs put together for my client groups. I can always count on LSA to do a thorough needs analysis and to put together spectacular programs that are well received. Their management development and performance management expertise and professionalism make them one of my top-rated learning and development partners.

Stephanie Webb
HR Program Manager


On behalf of Roche and my staff I would like to sincerely thank you for your help with this. The English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment and coaching that you provided for our team was a great success.

Cam Greig
Associate Director


We consider LSA Global our outsourced learning and development partner. We worked closely with LSA to customize a management development program to meet our growing business needs. I would highly recommend LSA to any company wanting to deliver quality learning solutions.

Terri Wright-Scheer
Vice President Human Resources

What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from training and consulting organizations. LSA gives you the practical and results-oriented assistance you need to define and reach your goal.  They provide a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix. They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

David Fiano
Vice President Human Resources

We partnered with LSA Global to help us invest in our people in the areas of performance coaching, diversity, and inclusion. They focused on helping us succeed and were very flexible in meeting our specific needs. LSA Global exceeded my expectations from a speed, quality, and value standpoint. I would recommend LSA Global to anyone looking for a true business partner.

Anita Luckinbill
Director, Human Resources

I highly recommend LSA Global to anyone who is looking to improve individual or organizational effectiveness through their top quality programs and broad range of expertise.

Greg Pappas
VP of Human Resources

Each program is preceded by an assessment of the participants. The course is then designed to fit the specific parameters and needs of the group. The highly interactive delivery is provided by recognized experts in their fields. On the spot coaching is provided during the program and each participant receives individual follow-up after the course. Courses can be delivered in-person or virtually. Given the nature of Cisco’s business and the way we operate, these remote workshops are a must for anyone who joins our company. Their work is eye opening. Great content and fantastic delivery.

Frank J. Kuypers
Business Development Manager

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