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11 Ways to Design Your Presentation Slides for Maximum Impact
Visuals can help. They can also detract from you and from your message if your visual support is not thoughtfully created and skillfully used. Design your slides for the maximum impact.

3 Tips to Create a Better Story
Who doesn’t love a story? Whether it’s ours or theirs, fiction or non-fiction? Who doesn’t want to be drawn in and captivated? Read about key tips to creating a compelling story.

4 Key Elements to a Successful Team Sales Presentation
Some of the highest stakes sales opportunities call for a team selling approach. To succeed, you need knowledge and focus, practice, preparation and trust.

4 Keys to Present Like a Rock Star to Senior Executives
Senior Executives are one of the hardest-hitting crowds you will ever face as a presenter.

4 Tried-and-True Presentation Tips for Beginners
Want 4 easy tips to improve your public speaking and presentation skills? Then this is the whitepaper for you.

5 New Ways to Look at Acing Your Presentation
Your job may require many presentations per quarter…each on similar topics to similar audiences. How do you get better each time you present and, at the same time, keep fresh?

7 Ways to Build Better Rapport During Q&A
Little says more about you to those with whom you interact with than how you answer their questions. Some people show annoyance when a question derails their monologue. Learn how to use questions to your advantage.

8 Virtual Presentation Content Best Practices for Creating Excellence
When high-stakes business presentations must be delivered online, inadequate content becomes evident almost immediately. How to create the right content.

Authenticity and Presentation Style: Just Be Yourself
One client asked, “You are telling me to demonstrate more power and authority with greater volume AND you are telling me to be authentic. That feels like a contradiction to me. Can you help me with that?” Read more to find out how to do both.

Awaken Your Audience: How to Seize Attention in Public Speaking
We present to shift the audience’s perspective. We want to influence…We want to educate…We want to motivate. None of this can happen until you awaken your audience and get their attention.

Effective Communication Skills: What Works
Some people are just easier to get along with. Communication with them is effortless—they just “get it.” And, we also know there are some people who just don’t understand. At all. Ever.

Harnessing the Power of the Voice in Public Speaking
Tremendous subtlety of meaning is conveyed by voice. Not just nuance and emotional context, but basic meaning of words.  Read more to take advantage of the power of your voice.

How to Deliver Engaging Virtual Presentations in 6 Easy Steps
Virtual presentation expectations are increasing.  These quality-focused strategies and tactics can help enormously.

How to Facilitate Really Great Panel Discussions
A well-facilitated panel discussion is usually the result of two factors: (1) a great deal of pre-event preparation coupled with (2) the facilitator’s skillful decisions and smooth steering during the discussion

How to Prepare to Win High-Stakes Presentations
Based upon decades of research, this white paper outlines 3 key activities and behaviors to follow before the presentation that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome.

How to Tell a Compelling Story to Win High Stakes Presentations
The key guidelines to follow to create the content for a presentation that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome by using a compelling and client-focused story.

Structuring a Presentation: Vanquishing the Chaos Monster
In the beginning… it all seems like chaos. Your thoughts, your mind, what you want to get across, what you want to tell your audience. To create an effective presentation, you must create order out of this chaos.

Virtual Presentation Blueprint: 10 Tips for Success
A virtual presentation 10-point checklist for successfully designing and delivering important internal and external presentations virtually.

What to Do Before, During and After High Stakes Presentations to Win
Based upon decades of research, this white paper outlines the key activities that can significantly increase your odds of a winning outcome.

When Slides Do and Do NOT Help
Slides, when they are thoughtfully created and skillfully used, can enhance a speaker’s impact. Often, however, slides are included in ways that add little or that actually detract from a presentation. learn the key “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

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What a personal and professional pleasure it has been to Partner with LSA. They are truly a strategic partner with Wyse. For more than 5 years, LSA has been engaged in delivering various training and development solutions for Wyse, from custom on-site programs targeting specific core competencies, to working individually with clients to build job skills, and offering invaluable services to me and my team as we continue to build our learning programs. LSA’s representatives do more than sell a product, they offer a full service solution: they understand our business, our strategic initiatives, and the needs of our customers.

Jeff Rangel
Director of HR

Hyperion has a commitment to lifelong learning. LSA helps us provide the right business sales training, management training programs, and leadership development programs at the right time to meet the needs of both individuals and departments. I especially appreciate their ability to listen to my needs and recommend the appropriate facilitators, solutions and content.

Sarah Parks
Senior Project Manager


On behalf of Roche and my staff I would like to sincerely thank you for your help with this. The English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment and coaching that you provided for our team was a great success.

Cam Greig
Associate Director


I had been working with LSA for many years with my prior company. Currently, I’m with a company who hadn’t done much basic management skills training. After identifying and presenting a program recently, our managers are excited and talking in the halls about the great experience. LSA saves us time in delivering the right training for our needs.

Phyllis Moracco
HR Director

LSA helped to meet the needs of my teams within a very narrow timeframe. My team walked away with highly useful management tools and practices. LSA saved us time in delivering the right solution for our specific needs.

Sandeep Kumar
Director, Software Engineering, EPG

We recently contacted LSA Global to assist us with a unique training request. We gave LSA a very short deadline and LSA custom designed a training program to meet our exact requirements within the limited time allotted to them. We found their facilitator to be well versed in the subject matter and very credible; the design provided practical and valuable information to our team of managers. I highly recommend LSA Global, particularly in the area of management training.

Julaine K. Souza
Senior Vice President

In the Next Generation Management Development courses, I was trained with skills and tools that have made me and my team more productive, motivated, and successful at communicating with other departments.


Kevin Ashman
Firmware Engineering Supervisor

SeaTel has found our partnership with LSA Global to be very valuable and beneficial. We turned to LSA to customize a supervisory/leadership solution to meet our needs. LSA delivered a customized top quality solution. I’d recommend LSA Global to any company looking for a best-in-class training and consulting partner.

Kortney Riddle
HR Manager

PalmSource has found our relationship with LSA extremely beneficial. We worked closely with LSA to customize the right Management Training Program solution to meet our unique business needs. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner.

Ken Boehm
Vice President of Human Resources

Understanding and conforming to legal compliance was very important to our company. We turned to LSA Global to provide a quality and cost effective way to ensure that we were AB 1825 compliant. Their interactive eLearning program was top-notch. It allowed our managers to learn at their own pace, and on their own time. The program was tailored to include our logo and our internal harassment policies. It was interactive and met all federal and state legal requirements. I would highly recommend LSA Global to any company looking for an efficient and effective and top quality way to train their managers to be in compliance.

Kelly Warren, SPHR
Director, HR & Compliance

For our go to training outsourcing partner, LSA provides exactly what we want. As always, they deliver outstanding work!

Elizabeth Siebert
Director, Organizational Excellence & Development


LSA’s approach and ability to bring the best resources to eBay has been a great asset. They really focus on helping us succeed in any way they can and are very flexible in meeting our management and talent needs.

Mike Normant
Learning & Development


We have been able to utilize LSA’s extensive network of top-notch resources to leverage our investment in employee development. The result has been the cost effective and highly efficient delivery of quality educational and management training programs.

Steve Feller
Vice President, Human Resources

We value our relationship with LSA Global. We came to LSA because we wanted to improve overall behavioral based interviewing capabilities of our managers to increase the probability of both hiring top talent and future leaders. LSA designed a highly customized solution for our business and culture. We are currently rolling out this solution to our leaders. I would highly recommend LSA Global as a top quality resource.

Rae Phillips
HR Project Manager - Training & Development, PHR

Here’s a token of my appreciation for ALL your efforts. I’m offering my most sincere appreciation, and it extends to all the folks who made our customized management development programs possible.

Susan Anderson
Workforce Planning Bureau

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