Situational Leadership® II Training Public Programs

Public Programs for Individuals

Learning Objectives:

Participants learn how to:

  • Diagnose the specific development levels of employees and choose the appropriate leadership style
  • Increase the quality, consistency and frequency of performance and development conversations
  • Create a common communication methodology across the organization to support high performance
  • Become an adaptive leader who is highly effective at setting goals, coaching performance,  evaluating performance, listening, providing feedback, and solving problems
  • Increase individual and organizational accountability through goal setting and action planning

The Situational Leadership® II workshop provides a road map for designing the best leadership strategies to achieve desired outcomes. It teaches people in a leadership role, whether formally or informally, to effectively diagnose and manage the abilities, motivations, and performance of others.

The Situational Leadership® II workshop provides managers and supervisors with a complete understanding of Situational Leadership® II concepts and use of the model. The course is taught with particular emphasis on hands-on experience at diagnosing situations and practical real-life applications. Participants in our Situational Leadership® II workshop discover how to minimize tension and frustration while mastering the skills of encouraging greater confidence, commitment, and motivation in order to achieve both personal and corporate objectives.

Target Audience:
Formal and informal leaders at all levels.

Two days.  Registration includes workshop, materials, a daily continental breakfast, and lunch.

Location / Dates / Costs*: $1,895 USD or equivalent as below

Classroom Sessions for 2016

  • San Diego, CA. 3/6-7, 5/8-9, 6/26-27, 7/17-18, 8/21-22, 9/25-26, 10/23-24, 12/4-5/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Guildford, United Kingdom. 3/28-29, 5/9-10, 7/4-5, 9/12-13, 10/24-25, 12/5-6/2017 – £1,250 + VAT
  • Chicago, IL. 4/3-4, 6/5-6, 9/11-12, 11/13-14/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Toronto, ON, Canada. 3/27-28, 9/18-19/2017 – $2,500 CAD
  • Hong Kong. 9/18-19/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Johannesburg, South Africa. 5/30-31/2017 – $1,450 USD
  • Washington, DC. 4/24-25, 6/12-13, 8/14-15, 11/6-7/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Calgary, AB, Canada. 6/19-20/2017 – $2,500 CAD
  • Dallas, TX. 7/10-11, 10/2-3/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Newark, NJ. 5/22-23, 10/16-17/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Atlanta, GA. 4/10-11/2017 – $1,895 USD
  • Boston, MA. 3/13-14/2017 – $1,895 USD

Virtual Sessions

  • Virtual, Live & Self-Study, United States. 6/20-22, 8/29-31, 10/10-12/2017 – $1,895 USD

*Sales tax applied to course materials for all sessions as required.

Directions will be sent with your confirmation. Please contact LSA for upcoming dates.

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LSA Situational Leadership® II Training Public Classes can be customized and delivered onsite at your company. To speak with an LSA Global Expert about your customized on-site options, please contact us.

Great job in designing the Mergers and Acquisition strategy session for our global team. The executive presentation and information was excellent. I gained additional insight on the importance of the role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Gloria Veon
Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Hyperion has a commitment to lifelong learning. LSA helps us provide the right business sales training, management training programs, and leadership development programs at the right time to meet the needs of both individuals and departments. I especially appreciate their ability to listen to my needs and recommend the appropriate facilitators, solutions and content.

Sarah Parks
Senior Project Manager


LSA demonstrated the criticality for executives to look beyond current ethics topics and focus on applying fundamental values in everything they do to demonstrate true leadership. They successfully delivered in two hours what most leadership development presenters would spend an entire day trying to communicate.

Nick Voyvodich, SPHR
HR Manager


LSA is an instrumental training outsourcing partner in helping us to build management capacity and strategically invest in our people. Their flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allows us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans. Their ability to custom design, deliver, and evaluate our Management Curriculum has been excellent. They are true business partners and a pleasure to work with.

Margaret M. Mader
Vice President, Human Resources


Redwood Trust looked to LSA Global as a consulting partner to help us explore innovative and scholarly approaches to promote employee engagement and sustain the unique culture we’ve built over the last decade.

LSA helped us perpetuate coaching as a discipline across the organization by integrating our core values, goal setting and performance measurement metrics under an interactive coaching program.

We appreciate LSA’s commitment to cutting-edge practices and keeping us in step with the progressive front of our rapidly changing workplace environment.

Rosalyn Chan
Vice President, Human Resources

Redwood Trust

It was a challenge to find a consultant with an approach to performance improvement that fit our unique culture and style. When we met with LSA we were surprised to discover their depth of expertise in the fields of motivation, developmental coaching and performance management and measurement.

Specifically, we were pleasantly surprised to find a company that could seamlessly integrate those three components without our folks feeling like the intervention was forced. They understood what we were trying to accomplish, helped us clarify our objectives, create a solid, refreshing approach that quickly got us moving and engaged people at all levels.

As they began to implement, I was thoroughly impressed with how they listened and made adaptations focused on our needs and business objectives. Overall, I couldn’t be happier that we found a partner in LSA.

Doug Hansen
President and Director

Redwood Trust

The action-learning leadership project has been very beneficial to me, our leadership team, and the entire organization. The balance of development and results has been excellent. We have made huge progress, and I was also able to identify 2-3 high potentials while having the extra benefit of people stepping up to carry strategic projects forward. The Staff is very appreciative and has become very comfortable with both the program and the process. It is still going better than anticipated, and I have been very pleased.

Heather Feltman
President & CEO


LSA’s approach has certainly brought value to Knight Ridder Digital. They were laser focused on our goal and determined to meet all of our Leadership development program needs. Their flexibility and commitment were keys in making our program successful.

Dipik Rai
Director of Marketing


As a high growth digital marketing agency with cutting edge talent, we hired LSA Global to help clarify our strategy and work with our management team to implement it throughout the New York Office in a way that made sense for our unique culture . That work was so successful that we also hired them to coach one of our key leaders. LSA has been instrumental in helping us transition to a new leadership team and triple the revenue in our New York office. In this age of useless consultants, I highly recommend their practical and business-oriented approach to strategy, culture and talent.

David Bentley
General Manager


We reviewed the top Leadership Development offerings for one of our Senior Research Scientists and selected LSA’s 12 month Leadership Program based upon the value and systemic approach. The feedback on the program, approach, and results was phenomenal. While the other programs better known, they were more theoretical and did not compare in terms of practicality, quality, and results.

Stacey Porter
Senior Manager Learning and Development


We value our relationship with LSA Global. They focus on understanding our business situation and helping us succeed. LSA continues to deliver top quality consulting and leadership solutions that are highly customized for our business and culture. I would highly recommend LSA Global as a top quality resource to anyone looking to greatly improve the skills of their leadership, management, and project teams.

Bonnie S. Olson
Vice President of Human Resources


“We turned to LSA to help us custom design and deliver a leadership and management development curriculum to help drive performance. They have done an excellent job diagnosing the business situation, designing an approach that fits our culture, and delivering a first class solution.”

Sally Buchannan
VP Human Resources


We consistently receive positive feedback about the quality of the LSA Leadership Training Programs and LSA facilitators. We recognize and appreciate the hard work LSA always goes through to align to our unique culture and meet our specific requirements. Thank you for regularly going above and beyond to design solutions to meet our needs. Your support and dedication, both on the strategic and tactical side, have been outstanding!

Anna Meyer
Leadership Development


Over the years, both at 3Com and now at Redback, I’ve found LSA Global to be a valuable resource. The recent compliance program that they delivered for Redback’s executive and management team was the right solution, of the highest of quality, and customized to our business and culture. I would highly recommend LSA to any company looking for top quality solutions.

Gina Fulton
Vice President of Human Resources


LSA’s executive coach based his approach on understanding our business circumstances and strategy, as well as our leadership aspirations. The customized coaching covered all aspects of leadership; it was not simply a touchy-feely endeavor. In fact, the focus on clear business outcomes and real life circumstances challenged me to develop my thinking and actions related to leading the business.”

Janet Pagano
Managing Director


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