Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Word Training


  • Microsoft Word Training Level 1
  • Microsoft Word Training Level 2
  • Microsoft Word Training Level 3

In order to offer targeted training for our clients and a flexible schedule, our training is available in both full day and four-hour modules.

                                                                                                                  Microsoft Word Training Level 1

Course Description:
The first day of Microsoft Word literally begins with a blank page and, throughout the day, participants learn to create and control all of the most common elements of a document. During the morning session, we establish the fundamental principles of a Word Document, including time saving tips to navigate and select, how to control spacing, indentation and formatting. The afternoon session expands to discuss document level formatting, such as Headers and Footers, Columns and margins, as well as how to proof and print a document.

Module 1: Word Essentials, Formatting and Lists

  • Introduction to the Word interface: Ribbon, Tabs & Tool-tips
  • Creating a new document
  • Entering and editing text
  • Navigation techniques in a document
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic and Advanced techniques for selecting text
  • Saving and closing documents
  • Checking compatibility with previous versions of Word
  • Getting help in Word
  • Moving and Copying text
  • Formatting text in a document
  • Using the Live Preview to preview formatting choices
  • Formatting paragraphs including spacing and indentation
  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists

Module 2: Page Setup Techniques, Proofing & Printing

  • Creating Headers & Footers
  • Working with document margins
  • Creating columns
  • Working with sections
  • Inserting and controlling page breaks
  • Inserting a cover page
  • Using proofing tools (Spell/Grammar Check, Thesaurus)
  • Using Building Blocks to insert common text references or phrases
  • Finding and replacing text
  • Using the Highlight feature when searching for text
  • Creating individual envelopes and labels
  • Using and creating templates
  • Printing your documents
  • Inspecting a document for hidden data

Microsoft Word Training Level 2

Course Description:
Word is often seen as a program with a mind of its own, making unforeseen and frustrating changes to the look and alignment of objects in a document. This second day of Word will teach participants techniques to bypass these obstacles by using the right tools effectively. The opening half of this course focuses on tabs, tables, and styles, three key tools that work together to create complex and impactful document layouts. the second half of the course covers the powerful options available for graphic objects, and solves the mystery of the mail merge, a tool designed to personalize and distribute your document to whomever you like.

Module 3: Tables, Tabs & Styles

  • Setting tabs in a document
  • Creating tables in a document
  • Formatting tables using Table Styles
  • Sorting and Calculating table data
  • “Drawing” tables in Word
  • Introduction to document themes
  • Changing/customizing document themes
  • Applying and displaying text styles
  • Create a custom text style
  • Modify and delete a style
  • Using text styles to create document outlines
  • Module 4: Graphic Objects & Mail Merge
  • Inserting and customizing SmartArt
  • Working with ClipArt & WordArt
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Using the Drawing Tools
  • Managing text and graphics
  • Preparing a document for mail merge
  • Creating data sources for mail merge
  • Using existing data sources for mail merge
  • Merging data with a document
  • Sorting and filtering during a mail merge
  • Creating envelopes and labels with mail merge



Microsoft Word Training Level 3

In order to offer targeted training for our clients and a flexible schedule, our Microsoft Word training is available in four-hour modules.

Course Description:
The morning session of the advanced Word course will introduce participants to the potential of creating Forms in Word, how to have multiple people edit a document, and how to generate powerful document reference tools like Tables of Contents and indexes. The afternoon session continues with powerful features like Macros, and how to link and embed objects from other programs in Word. This final advanced course is a critical final step in the mastery of Microsoft Word and is recommended for participants who use the program regularly and are familiar with the majority of material in the first two days.

Module 5: Working with Forms, Tracking Changes, & Document References

  • Designing a form
  • Working with form fields
  • Using highlights and comments in a document
  • Tracking changes in a document
  • Comparing similar yet separate document files
  • Protecting documents
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Using footnotes and endnotes
  • Creating and Using bookmarks
  • Creating cross-references
  • Creating an index
  • Overview of Citations and Bibliographies

Module 6: Introduction to Macros & Linking

  • Recording and running a macro
  • Editing a macro
  • Creating buttons to run macros
  • Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
  • Creating hyperlinks within Word
  • Creating hyperlinks to other program files and websites
  • Inserting objects and files into Word
  • Save Word document as Web page

Course Cost:
$130 per module

Each module is 4 hours in length.

In order to offer targeted training for our clients and a flexible schedule, our training is available in both full day and four-hour modules.

These classes run frequently and are updated on a monthly basis. To get available dates that work best with your schedule, please contact us.

Workshops are held in San Francisco or may be attended remotely from your home or office. Logistic information will be sent with your confirmation.


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LSA Public Classes can be customized and delivered onsite at your company. To speak with an LSA Global Expert about your customized onsite options, please contact us.


We selected LSA Global over 5 other companies to help some key executives improve their overall communication and executive presentation capabilities. Feedback has been great. Everyone had a great experience and many of them are feeding some of the lessons into their teams. I highly recommend LSA to any executive team looking to better organize and more effectively deliver key messages to C-Level individuals.

Todd Power
Office of the CEO


You have become our premier change leadership strategic partner. Your expertise in the human side of change is unparalleled and enabled our company to successfully implement our ERP Solution.

Ted Ramlet


It was a challenge to find a consultant with an approach to performance improvement that fit our unique culture and style. When we met with LSA we were surprised to discover their depth of expertise in the fields of motivation, developmental coaching and performance management and measurement.

Specifically, we were pleasantly surprised to find a company that could seamlessly integrate those three components without our folks feeling like the intervention was forced. They understood what we were trying to accomplish, helped us clarify our objectives, create a solid, refreshing approach that quickly got us moving and engaged people at all levels.

As they began to implement, I was thoroughly impressed with how they listened and made adaptations focused on our needs and business objectives. Overall, I couldn’t be happier that we found a partner in LSA.

Doug Hansen
President and Director

Redwood Trust

Originally, we launched a RFP to identify and partner with a sales training provider to improve the skills of the sales teams in the distributor network. However, throughout the process, LSA Global challenged our thought processes and engaged with us by suggesting that we focus on the systemic factors that create a high performance environment first, before we focused on the more symptomatic needs of sales skills training. LSA Global has identified the two strategic moves that will enable us to create a high performance environment and we continue to seek their guidance on implementing those moves, as well as other key needs.

Kim Benson
Director Human Resources


We recently hired LSA to help us take our client delivery methodology to the next level as we continue to grow and help our clients succeed. The custom strategy and design session exceeded my expectations. They really understood our business and turned around the project within a tight timeframe. LSA’s consultants were the best I have seen for this type of project. LSA’s ability to get a group of 20+ executives from around the globe on the same page, push their thinking to new heights, and ensure an executable plan was excellent. I would recommend LSA to anyone looking to take their plans and execution to the next level.

Rob Sturgeon
EVP Client Delivery

Service Source

We turned to LSA Global to help us take our executive selling and solution selling skills to the next level, which will ultimately help our customers succeed. Their ability to formally assess our situation, identify key sales skill gaps, develop a plan to measure the results, and fully implement a key sales initiative – has been outstanding. LSA delivers the full solution; not just sales training and I would recommend them to any organization looking to transform its sales force the “right way” to sell higher and wider.

Daniel Heckman
Director of Sales-Enterprise Accounts


We reviewed the top Leadership Development offerings for one of our Senior Research Scientists and selected LSA’s 12 month Leadership Program based upon the value and systemic approach. The feedback on the program, approach, and results was phenomenal. While the other programs better known, they were more theoretical and did not compare in terms of practicality, quality, and results.

Stacey Porter
Senior Manager Learning and Development


We selected LSA over a handful of other experts to assist with a key sales imperative. LSA added value every step of the way throughout the entire sales, design, implementation, and follow-up process. Their customized approach to sales presentation training exceeded expectations, and we are excited about global implementation across our offices in more than 100 countries. LSA’s unique approach is an added game changer, and I recommend them to anyone looking to get high quality results.”

Eric Mugele
Executive Director Global Learning

Grant Thornton

We turned to LSA Global to help take our Information Systems behavioral interviewing process to the next level in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness. LSA quickly understood our unique culture and requirements.  They immediately helped us to improve our ability to continue to hire top talent that fits our culture as we rapidly scale.

Julie Pearl
Technical Program Manager


We hired LSA to design and deliver a Project Post Mortem for 65 key people on a critical project with a very tight turnaround. LSA’s ability to identify the key trends, leverage points, and next steps was great. They really got to the heart of the issues in a constructive and unbiased manner that exceeded my expectations. It was not an easy task with so many skeptical people with different agendas, styles, experience, and perspectives.

Darrell Gallagher
Head of Studio

Crystal Dynamics

Having a training outsourcing partner like LSA to support our training and development needs has been a real benefit. In an emerging company where typically you can’t afford the infrastructure necessary to provide a full range of development venues to meet the broad needs of an organization, having an external partner who understands our business and our culture and offers everything from a wide range of open enrollment programs to customized organizational development consulting is almost as good (and in some cases better than) having your own internal Training and Organizational Development function.

Chris Wells
Vice President, HR and IT

Logo - Gray - Xoma

What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from “training” organizations. LSA gives you the assistance you need to define and reach your goal, and then they give you a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix. They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

David Fiano
Vice President Human Resources


Gilead and LSA Global continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship. We have found LSA to be highly responsive to meeting our unique needs in learning and development. Their passion for high levels of customer satisfaction and quality align very closely with our core values.

Kudos to LSA Global for the program that they provided my team. It was exactly what I wanted, and your team did a great job of engaging our group and providing a solid introduction to key Project Management skill sets.

Laura McHugh
Director of Training and Organizational Development


As a high growth digital marketing agency with cutting edge talent, we hired LSA Global to help clarify our strategy and work with our management team to implement it throughout the New York Office in a way that made sense for our unique culture . That work was so successful that we also hired them to coach one of our key leaders. LSA has been instrumental in helping us transition to a new leadership team and triple the revenue in our New York office. In this age of useless consultants, I highly recommend their practical and business-oriented approach to strategy, culture and talent.

David Bentley
General Manager


The LSA Organizational Alignment Survey gave us a comprehensive and poignant view of how our employees experience our culture, talent and strategy.  LSA customized the questions so we received information that was targeted and very useful to us.  Equally important, the survey and implementation process goes well beyond the typical engagement survey.  The combination of questions and feedback approach provided us with a great forum to discuss the strengths and opportunities in our organization, and then to quickly get focused on the key actions critical to our strategy implementation and improving our business results.

Mark Forrest
General Manager, FSM Division


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