Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training

How to Effectively Design and Facilitate Activities, Games, and Simulations.

Interactive Techniques for Instructor-Led Training

“The Workshop on Interactive Training Strategies was packed full of cutting-edge ideas to engage training participants in learning and retaining essential training goals. I was looking to find new ways to enliven the training sessions I conduct for diplomats and those participating in international negotiations. What I gained from were a whole set of new interactive activities and methodologies for teaching these skills. What was unique about this workshop was that it taught us not only frameworks for activities that can be used in multiple ways, but also how to streamline and simplify the training design portion to include participants in tailoring the design as you go – refocusing “on the spot.” It was an amazing three days!”

Marianne Goodwin | President, Goodwin International LLC

Course Description:This proven and fast-paced instructional design and facilitation workshop helps you learn how to design and conduct effective training simulations, games and activities. Based on over thirty years of field research, these design formats enable you to create training faster, cheaper, and better. You will receive a proven collection of training games during the workshop and have access to 2000+ web pages with additional games, activities, and facilitation tips.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1: How To Design and Facilitate Training Activities
This interactive workshop demonstrates how to encourage your participants to interact with each other, with the training content, and with you, the facilitator. You begin the design part of the session by exploring over fifty different interactive strategies. You learn to rapidly create five of these powerful strategies. In the facilitation part of the session, you learn how to conduct these interactive exercises without losing control, wasting time, and being attacked by participants. You will identify and practice proven techniques to maximize reflection and insights through systematic debriefing and how to modify your facilitation to better suit your participants.

You will also learn how to design and facilitate:

  • Openers that jump start your training session and establish a climate of learning.
  • Interactive Lectures that combine structure and control with playfulness and spontaneity.
  • Structured Sharing Activities that let your participants learn with — and learn from — each other.
  • Textra Games that convert dull handouts into dynamic tools.
  • Jolts that last for less than 3 minutes and provide a lifetime of insights.
  • Closers that review the new skills and action plans for their immediate application.

Day 2: How To Design and Facilitate Different Types of Training Games
Interactive games and activities work. They attract and maintain the interest of the new generation that is entering the workplace in greater numbers. They cater to different types of intelligence and learning styles. They blend education and entertainment to keep participants engaged. They utilize the proven advantages of active participation. Because they provide frequent opportunities for practice and feedback, they produce performance-based learning outcomes. They capture the advantages of teamwork and collaborative learning. They transform trainers into facilitators.

The good news is that our framegame approach and design enable you to create effective and powerful training activities in a matter of minutes. In day-2 you will experience, explore, design, develop, evaluate, revise, and conduct five proven types of training games:

  • Board Games that revive bored participants.
  • Card Games that increase the players’ fluency with principles and procedures.
  • Improv Games that apply a spontaneous process to explore key concepts.
  • Instructional Puzzles that encourage participants to employ new ways of thinking.
  • Magical Events that engage participants in new ways of learning.

Day 3: How To Design and Facilitate Different Types of Simulation Games
Can you provide real-world learning opportunities — without incurring the risks and costs associated with them?

Yes, you can — by using simulations. Because simulation activities are very similar to on-the-job training, they ensure effective transfer and application of what you learn in the workshop to the work place. Simulation games provide immediate and realistic feedback. They reduce the risk to the players. Any inappropriate decision or action during the play results in negative consequences — but only in a make-believe environment. Simulation games also provide opportunities for repeated practice. You can discover important principles and practices through trial-and-error experimentation.

Different types of effective simulation activities focus on selected aspects of reality. This workshop provides you with skills associated with the design and delivery of a variety of simulation games while explaining the key characteristics, advantages, and limitations of simulation games in corporate training.

In day-3 you will experience, explore, design, develop, evaluate, revise, and conduct these types of simulation games:

  • Simulation Games that convert the context of the workplace to the security of the training session.
  • Interactive Story Activities move participants from passive listening to active sharing.
  • Reflective Teamwork Activities that use action-learning techniques for immediate insights.
  • The Case Method that encourages participants to analyze a realistic challenge and make effective decisions.
  • Role-Playing that helps participants practice appropriate behaviors in response to challenging situations.
  • Debriefing Games that relate the simulated situation to workplace realities.

Target Audience:
This workshop is designed for trainers, instructional designers, facilitators, and performance consultants. The workshop helps a wide range of practitioners, from newcomers to experienced specialists, to master skills and concepts related to different types of training games, simulations, and learning exercises..

Course Cost: From $1,099 depending on duration of program.

Two-to-three day sessions.

Dates / Location:
Directions to all locations will be sent with your confirmation

  • Please contact LSA for upcoming dates.

LSA Public Classes can be customized and delivered onsite at your company. To review the onsite program, please click here. To speak with an LSA Global Expert about your customized on-site options, please contact us.


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What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from “training” organizations. LSA gives you the assistance you need to define and reach your goal, and then they give you a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix. They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

David Fiano
Vice President Human Resources


LSA helped us design and deliver a blended learning solution for our leaders to help drive our growth plans in a way that aligned with our specific culture and values. LSA understood our business, had deep expertise in the content areas, tailored the programs to fit our specific needs, and delivered great results. They constantly strive to deliver business impact and align their solutions with our business initiates, culture, and performance management systems. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their leaders to the next level.”

Beth A. Taylor
Vice President of Human Resources


In the Next Generation Management Development courses, I was trained with skills and tools that have made me and my team more productive, motivated, and successful at communicating with other departments.


Kevin Ashman
Firmware Engineering Supervisor


LSA’s consultant designed and delivered a half-day team building solution for our recent conference. It included careful customization to integrate the design with our new mission and values. Everyone had fun and identified key issues with our teamwork. Altogether a great program!

Bob Ward
Director of HR


I’ve been associated with LSA for the last 8 years and have found them to be an extremely professional, well managed full service training organization. Since working with LSA, I’ve participated in a number of solutions ranging from Performance Management to Assertiveness Training – I’ve found that the quality of the resources is superior. They are well prepared and have definitely done a considerable amount of pre-work in order to customize our culture and business into the total learning experience – making it most beneficial for our employees.

Duane Schroeder
Human Resource Manager


Avon’s success is dependent on strong relationships among our Customers, Representatives, Associates, and outside resources we hire to help us meet our business objectives. We were very pleased with the results from working with LSA Global to design and facilitate a custom program for our events management team. LSA demonstrated responsiveness, flexibility, and an innovative approach to working with us.

Deanna Rudnitsky
Senior Manager, HR Destiny Sales Region


We partnered with LSA to pilot a customized behavioral interviewing program to help ensure that we continue to hire the best and brightest as we continue to rapidly scale. LSA’s ability to understand our business and our unique culture combined with their desire to ensure that the best practices framework truly fits our performance environment and is highly adopted by our people is a real blessing. Most other firms want to just ‘give you training.’ Not LSA, they are focused on helping me hit our hiring forecasts and attract A players.

Jennifer Remling
Director of Global Recruiting


Congratulations on your pro-activity in establishing this program and developing such an effective New Employee Orientation course.

Farhat Ali
President and Chief Executive Office


Thank you to LSA Global for their partnership and support in helping us to design and roll-out our valuable management development training program. I personally have partnered with LSA Global at four of my previous companies. It continues to be a delight working with LSA. We look forward to partnering with them at Blackhawk Networks for future training and consulting needs.

Suzanne Kinner
VP Human Resources

Blackhawk Network

LSA helped change our entire culture around meetings, making them more effective and efficient, thus enabling us to concentrate on driving more business.

Terry Wassman
VP of Human Resources


The Next Generation Management Development courses have helped me communicate more effectively with my peers and teammates. By utilizing effective communication techniques such as clarifying and confirming, and asking open ended questions, I have been able to clarify and understand information in situations where I would have otherwise asked limited questions and made false assumptions.

Robert Breckner
Firmware Engineering Manager


PalmSource has found our relationship with LSA extremely beneficial. We worked closely with LSA to customize the right Management Training Program solution to meet our unique business needs. LSA is a quality organization, one that I’d recommend to any company looking for a first class training and consulting partner.

Ken Boehm
Vice President of Human Resources


Harmonic has worked with LSA for over 8 years. We have found their partnership extremely beneficial. We recently implemented a Management Development Program that was designed and customized to support our company’s strategic initiative of hiring, building, and retaining key intellectual property and human talent. We worked closely with LSA to target and implement the right solutions with the greatest impact. I would recommend LSA to any company that’s looking for a trusted training and development partner.

Janice Passarello
Director of Human Resources


LSA has become the gold standard in team building and management training at Genomic Health! I have a hard time finding facilitators that come close to their expertise and experience.

Emily Couey
Director of Human Resources


Our relationship with LSA has been fantastic. We actually brag about their business value all the time. Their flexibility, focus, and ability to continuously deliver true results has been extremely refreshing and different than any other training outsourcing firm we have engaged.

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
Senior Vice President Learning & Development

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